STM32F412G-DISCO 開發板

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The STM32F412 Discovery kit (32F412GDISCOVERY) allows users to easily develop applications with the STM32F412 high performance MCUs with ARM® Cortex®-M4 core.

The Discovery kit combines STM32F412 features with 1.54 inch 240x240 pixel TFT color LCD with touchscreen, LEDs, Wakeup button, I2S Audio Codec, MEMS microphones, USB OTG FS, Quad-SPI NOR Flash memory, MicroSD™ card connector.

An embedded ST-LINK/V2-1 debugger/programmer is included; specialized add-on boards can be connected thanks to the Arduino™ Uno or to the expansion connectors.

Key Features

STM32F412ZGT6 microcontroller featuring 1 Mbyte of Flash memory and 256 Kbytes of RAM in an LQFP144 package
On-board ST-LINK/V2-1 SWD debugger supporting USB re-enumeration capability:
USB virtual COM port
mass storage
debug port
1.54 inch 240x240 pixel TFT color LCD with parallel interface and capacitive touchscreen
I2S Audio CODEC, with a stereo headset jack, including analog microphone input and a loudspeaker output
Stereo digital MEMS microphones
MicroSD™ card connector extension
I2C extension connector
128 Mbit Quad-SPI Nor Flash
Reset button and Joystick
Four color user LEDs.
USB OTG FS with Micro-AB connector
Four power supply options:
ST-LINK/V2-1 USB connector
User USB FS connector
VIN from Arduino™ connectors
+ 5 V from Arduino™ connectors
Two power supplies for MCU: 2.0 V and 3.3 V
Compatible with Arduino™ Uno revision 3 connectors
Extension connector for direct access to various features of STM32F412ZGT6 MCU
Comprehensive free software including a variety of examples, part of STM32Cube package
32F412GDISCOVERY board photo



Technical Documentation
Product Specifications

     Description    Version    Size
DB2890    DB2890: Discovery kit with STM32F412ZG MCU    1.0    306 KB
Technical Notes & Articles

     Description    Version    Size
TN1235    TN1235: Overview of the ST-LINK embedded in STM32 MCU Nucleo, Discovery Kits and Eval Boards    1.0    155 KB
User Manuals

     Description    Version    Size
UM2032    UM2032: Discovery kit with STM32F412ZG MCU    2.0    1 MB
UM2052    UM2052: Getting started with STM32 MCU Discovery Kits software development tools    1.0    1 MB
Hardware Resources
Board Manufacturing Specifications

     Description    Version    Size
    STM32F412G-DISCO gerber files    1    1 MB
Bill of Materials

     Description    Version    Size
    STM32F412G-DISCO BOM    1    16 KB
Schematic Packs

     Description    Version    Size
    STM32F412G-DISCO schematics    1    2 MB
Publications and Collaterals

     Description    Version    Size
    STM32 for makers Releasing your creativity    16.09    1 MB
    STM32F401/10/11/12/13 - High-performance Access lines    16.12    1 MB

     Description    Version    Size
    STM32™ 32-bit MCU family - Leading supplier of ARM® Cortex®-M microcontrollers    16.02    1 MB
License Agreement

     Description    Version    Size
    Evaluation products license agreement    1.0    125 KB
    Open Reference Material License Agreement v5         42 KB
Tools and Software

Part Number    Manufacturer    Description
STSW-LINK007    ST    ST-LINK, ST-LINK/V2, ST-LINK/V2-1 firmware upgrade
STSW-LINK009    ST    ST-LINK, ST-LINK/V2, ST-LINK/V2-1 USB driver signed for Windows7, Windows8, Windows10

Part Number    Manufacturer    Description
STM32CubeF4    ST    Embedded software for STM32F4 series (HAL low level drivers, USB, TCP/IP, File system, RTOS, Graphic - coming with examples running on ST boards: STM32 Nucleo, Discovery kits and Evaluation boards)