Grove - MP3 v2.0


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  • 出版日期: 2016-07-31
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  • ISBN: 17000000207
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Grove - MP3 v2.0 is a tiny-size and compact audio module. It supports operations including shuffle and play in an order of various audio files such as WAV and WMV ones. With serial communication, you can use all predefined commands or even the combinations of them to play the music. This module also supports general file systems like FAT16 and FAT32. It gets a Grove UART interface, a 3.5mm audio jack and a micro-SD slot. With this module, you can get some “voices” for silent applications.


General operations on audio files
On-board micro-SD slot and 3.5mm audio jack
Support sample rate of 8/11.025/12/16/22.05/24/32/44.1/48(KHz)
24-bit DAC output, 90 dB(at Max.) dynamic output range, signal-noise ratio at 85 dB
MP3, WMW and WAV audio formats and FAT16, FAT32 files system supported
Embed 10 levels of equalization in total

Input: 5V(DC)
Operating current (without signal output state): less than 15 mA
Operating current (with signal output state): less than 40 mA
Chip: KT403A
Chip LDO output voltage: 3.3 V
Chip output current: 100 mA(at Max.)
File formats supported: MP3, WAV, WMA
Maximum memory supported for SD card: 32 GB
Sampled rate : 8/11.025/12/16/22.05/24/32/44.1/48 (KHz)
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