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  • 出版日期: 2016-08-16
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Finally, Wio Link now has got a little brother – the Wio Node.

Wio Node was born with most of features as its elder brother:

An ESP8266 based open-source Wi-Fi development board

Supports Plug-n-Play Groves

Visual Configuration

OTA (Over-The-Air) Firmware Updates


IFTTT Application

Android & iOS APPs

But it is cheaper, smaller and also lighter in weight.

Even though the compact design only allows Wio Node to have two Grove connectors, it still offers as many as 2 Digital I/O, 1 Analog Input, 1 UART and 2 I2C interfaces to communicate with up to 42 (and more to come) Grove modules. Setting up an IoT device with Wio Node is piece of cake as all the Grove sensor/actuator modules can be visually configured to RESTful APIs on your mobile APPs, and the physical circuit connections does not involve any bread boarding, soldering, or wire jumpers, once you finish updating the firmware over-the-air (OTA), you’ll find out it only takes you 5 minutes to build an IoT application with the Wio Node.

Owing to its low-cost, easy-to-use and compact design, Wio Node can be used to build an IoT system where a large amount of ‘things’ are required to be connected to the internet. We have provided detailed instructions and rich tutorials at http://iot.seeed.cc/ to help you getting started with your Wio Node easily and quickly. You can also find out more interesting stuff at the Wio Community, where all the Wio fans gather to share their ideas and experiences.

Cheaper, lighter, smaller, and simpler

Built around ESP 8266 Wifi module

Supports Plug-n-Play Groves

Visual Configuration

OTA (Over-The-Air) Firmware Updates


IFTTT Application

Android & iOS APPs

Wi-Fi Network Protocol: 802.11b/g/n

Wi-Fi Encryption Technologies: WEP/TKIP/AES

Expansion (2x Grove Connectors): UART0/I2C0/D0, Analog/I2C1/D1

Input Voltage:

Battery holder: 3.0~4.2V

Micro USB: 5V

Operating Voltage: 3V3

Maximum Charge Current: 500mA

Digital I/O Pins: 4

Analog Input Pins:1

DC Current PER I/O PIN: 12mA

Flash Memory: 4MByte (W25Q32B)

Frequency of Crystal: 26MHz

Dimensions: 28mm x 28mm


Check out the latest project of Wio Node - An Irrigation Control System Based on Wio Node.

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