Wireless Communications (Paperback)





Wireless Communications is a comprehensive text designed to cover the major topics in the field of wireless and mobile communications, cellular architecture and technology, cellular communication systems and networks, and emerging wireless networking technologies. Most of the contents specified in the curriculum of wireless communications and allied subjects at the undergraduate as well as postgraduate level of Electronics and Communication Engineering in different technical universities and institutes are covered here. There is no single book available in the market presently which caters to all these courses. An overview of the latest trends in the advancement of wireless and cellular communication technologies is also presented in this book, which would enable the reader to revise the curriculum of related courses in future. In general, the chapters and sections of the chapters are structured in a modular fashion to provide sufficient flexibility in the design of the course.

The text is easy-to-read, logical, and has a step-by-step approach that enables the reader to follow new and complex ideas clearly. Throughout the book, an emphasis is put on both wireless technology fundamentals and standard wireless systems/networks. The book also provides a comprehensive guide to understanding specific wireless standards, such as those developed by ITU, IEEE and other similar organisations. Typical pedagogical features such as summary, important equations, key terms, self-test quiz, review questions, analytical problems and references provided at the end of each chapter will enable aspirants to prepare for various competitive exams such as GATE, IES, PhD entrance, amongst others. It will also serve as a reference guide for technical interviews in the field of telecom and cellular networks.