Scalable Parallel Computing

Kai Hwang

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This comprehensive new text from author Kai Hwang covers four important aspects of parallel and distributed computing--principles, technology, architecture, and programming--and can be used for several upper-level courses.


Table of Contents:

Part 1 Scalability and Clustering
1 Scalable Computer Platforms and Models
2 Basics of Parallel Programming
3 Performance Metrics and Benchmarks
Part II Unabling Technologies
4 Microprocessors as Building Blocks
5 Distributed Memory and Latency Tolerance
6 System Interconnects and Gigabit Networks
7 Threading Synchronization, and Communication
Part III Systems Architecture
8 Symmetric and CC-NUMA MultiProcessors
9 Support of Clustering and Availability
10 Clusters of Servers and Workstations
11 MPP Architecture and Performance
Part IV Parallel Programming
12 Parallel Paradigms and Models
13 Message-Passing Programming
14 Data Parallel Programming