University Physics with Modern Physics (Paperback)

Wolfgang Bauer

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  • 出版日期: 2010-02-01
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  • 相關分類: 物理學 Physics
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  Organized like a good research seminar: Tell them what you will tell them, then tell them, and then tell them what you told them! The authors start each chapter with What We Will Learna quick summary of the main points without any equations. And at the end of each chapter, What We Have Learned/Exam Study Guide contains chapter key concepts including major equations, symbols, and key terms. All symbols and letters used in the chapters formulas are also explained.

  University Physics consistently-used multi-step problem solving theme including Solved Problems, Examples, Problem Solving Practice, and EOCPs. Numbered Solved Problems are fully-stepped out, worked problems, each consistently following the 7-step method described in Chapter 1. Briefer Examples (Problem statement and Solution only) focus on a specific point(s) or concept. The briefer Examples also serve as a bridge between fully worked-out Solved Problems (with all 7-steps) and the homework problems (with no help). Problem Solving Practice will provide additional Solved Problems, again following the full 7-step format, and appear immediately before the end of chapter problems in order to review and emphasize the fundamental concepts of the chapter. Additional Problem Solving Strategies and Guidelines are also given here.

  Recent research results are presented throughout the text illustrating the incredible advances of the last few decades. The Big Picture section at the beginning of the text is designed to introduce students to some of the amazing new frontiers of research.

  University Physics discusses the broad topic of energy through concepts of different energy sources (fossil, renewable, nuclear, etc.), energy efficiency, alternative energy sources, and effects of our energy supply choices on the environment and global warming.

  End of chapter Question and Problem sets: Multiple-Choice Questions, Questions, Problems, and Additional Problems contributed by a panel of writers to provide a wide variety of content and level. These same contributors authored the test bank questions for consistency.

  University Physics, 1e includes enhanced calculus-coverage, including some mathematical topics that have been removed from other texts. However, these topics have been written such that they can be left-out without affecting the topic coverage. Detailed Derivations have also been called-out with a specified design so that they can be included or not, as appropriate for the course. There is also a Math Appendix which includes a calculus primer.

  Self Test Opportunities Questions are included after the coverage of major concepts within the text.

  In-Class Exercises are designed to be used with personal response system technology. They appear in the text so that students may begin contemplating the concepts. These exercises are also available in PowerPoint format.


0 The Big Picture: Modern Physics Frontiers
1 Overview
2 Motion in a Straight Line
3 Motion in Two and Three Dimensions
4 Force
5 Kinetic Energy, Work, and Power
6 Potential Energy and Energy Conservation
7 Momentum and Collisions
8 Systems of Particles and Extended Objects
9 Circular Motion
10 Rotation
11 Static Equilibrium
12 Gravitation
13 Solids and Fluids
14 Oscillations
15 Waves
16 Sound
17 Temperature
18 Heat and the First Law of Thermodynamics
19 Ideal Gases
20 The Second Law of Thermodynamics
21 Electrostatics
22 Electric Fields and Gauss
s Law
23 Electric Potential
24 Capacitors
25 Current and Resistance
26 Direct Current Circuits
27 Magnetism
28 Magnetic Fields of Moving Charges
29 Electromagnetic Induction
30 Electromagnetic Oscillations and Currents
31 Electromagnetic Waves
32 Geometric Optics
33 Lenses and Optical Instruments
34 Wave Optics
35 Relativity
36 Quantum Physics
37 Quantum Mechanics
38 Atomic Physics
39 Elementary Particle Physics
40 Nuclear Physics