Electronic Assembly Fabrication

Charles A. Harper

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  • 出版日期: 2002-04-10
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* Step-by-step coverage of the entire assembly fabrication process: boards, soldering, packages, substrates, and deposition

* Non-specialists guide to assembly fabrication--no advance degrees or math background necessary


Electronic assemblies are the heart of all modern electronics. They house the essential chip, generate semiconductor input/output, and take care of the heat generated by the process. The explosive growth of communications and consumer electronics applications has suddenly made a knowledge of the fabrication process a very in-demand and lucrative skill.

Even beginners, with no advanced degrees or mathematical backgrounds will be able to quickly and easily learn the entire electronic assembly fabrication process with this well-illustrated comprehensive tutorial. Author Charles Harper, a hands-on expert and experienced author covers the assembly process from start to finish, delving into:

* Chips

* Boards

* Solders

* Packages

* Interconnections

* Substrates

* Deposition

* Cleaning

* Coating

* The latest environmental rules and constraints

ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY FABRICATION will prove invaluable to nonspecialists and managers as well as engineers and technicians working in the development, marketing, or manufacture of electronic products, and anyone else who wants to get familiar with and profit from one of the major growth areas in the field of electronics.

    Chapter 1: Printed Circuit History and Overview
    Chapter 2: Development and Fabrication of IC Chips
    Chapter 3: Packaging of IC Chips
    Chapter 4: Laminates and Prepregs as Circuit Board Base Materials
    Chapter 5: Printed Circuit Board Fabrication
    Chapter 6: Package and Component Attachment and Interconnection
    Chapter 7: Solder Materials and Processes for Electronic Assembly Fabrication
    Chapter 8: Printed Wiring Board Cleaning
    Chapter 9: Board Coating Materials and Processes
    Chapter 10: Flexible and Rigid Flexible Fabrication
    Chapter 11: Fabrication and Properties of Electronic Ceramics and Composites
    Chapter 12: Hybrid Microelectronics and Multichip Module Technologies
    Chapter 13: Environmental Considerations in Electronic Assembly Fabrication
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* 逐步介紹整個組件製造過程:電路板、焊接、封裝、基板和沉積
* 非專業人士的組件製造指南 - 無需先進學位或數學背景
* 透過整個電子組件製造過程的逐步指南
* 電子組件是現代電子產品的核心。它們容納著重要的晶片,產生半導體的輸入/輸出,並處理由過程產生的熱量。通訊和消費電子應用的爆炸性增長使得對製造過程的了解成為一項非常受需求和有利可圖的技能。
* 即使是初學者,沒有先進學位或數學背景,也能夠通過這本圖文並茂的全面教程快速且輕鬆地學習整個電子組件製造過程。作者查爾斯·哈珀(Charles Harper)是一位實踐經驗豐富的專家和作家,從頭到尾詳細介紹了組件製造過程,包括:
* 晶片
* 電路板
* 焊料
* 封裝
* 連接
* 基板
* 沉積
* 清潔
* 塗層
* 最新的環境規則和限制
* 《電子組件製造》對非專業人士和管理人員以及從事電子產品開發、市場營銷或製造的工程師和技術人員非常有價值,也適用於任何希望熟悉並從電子領域的主要增長領域中獲利的人。
* 目錄:
* 前言
* 貢獻者
* 致謝
* 第1章:印刷電路的歷史和概述
* 第2章:集成電路芯片的開發和製造
* 第3章:集成電路芯片的封裝
* 第4章:層壓板和預浸料作為電路板基材
* 第5章:印刷電路板製造
* 第6章:封裝和元件連接
* 第7章:電子組件製造的焊料材料和工藝
* 第8章:印刷電路板清潔
* 第9章:板材塗層材料和工藝
* 第10章:柔性和剛性柔性製造
* 第11章:電子陶瓷和複合材料的製造和性質
* 第12章:混合微電子和多芯片模組技術
* 第13章:電子組件製造中的環境考慮
* 索引
* 關於編輯者