Television Receivers: Digital Video for DTV, Cable, and Satellite (Hardcover)

Jerry Whitaker, Jerry Whitaker




Television Receivers--from leading expert Jerry Whitaker--is the best handle you can find on the brave new world of 21st century TV receiver design, specification, installation, and maintenance.

TV receivers dont come from a cookie cutter anymore. As audio did decades ago, TV systems are morphing into a range of components to handle a myriad of new and developing technical options.

This insiders guide tackles whats new in receivers and makes it manageable, accessible, and understandable. With its focus on changes and advances in TV receiver technology, this primer is a professional essential. Yet theres also enough coverage of technological fundamentals to give you solid footing in new areas.


Offering solid value for your career, TELEVISION RECEIVERS comes fully loaded. Its packed with examples, diagrams, schematics, and the data you need to handle every aspect of the newest systems and devices. For a broad perspective on directions and trends, and a one-stop source of essential on-the-job answers, TELEVISION RECEIVERS is invaluable.

The most complete technical reference to this expanding field, TELEVISION RECEIVERS can help you--

*Find needed details on DTV (digital) and analog receiver systems

* Confidently plan and operate any new receiver type

* Develop innovations for display, storage, and tuner components

* Implement and service cable and satellite receiver equipment

* Apply examples of PC-based DTV systems

* Plan and develop consumer video and networking applications

* Answer questions on technologies, such as decoder chips

* Get a handle on CRT, projection, and flat panel display devices

* Find examples of necessary mathematics, fully explained with practical examples


    Chapter 1: The Electromagnetic Spectrum
    Chapter 2: Propagation
    Chapter 3: Frequency Sources and References
    Chapter 4: Receiver Characteristics
    Chapter 5: The Radio Channel
    Chapter 6: Low Power Amplifiers
    Chapter 7: Analog/Digital Signal Conversion
    Chapter 8: Digital Filters
    Chapter 9: Digital Modulation
    Chapter 10: DSP Devices and Systems
    Chapter 11: Adaptive Receiver Processing
    Chapter 12: Television Reception Principles
    Chapter 13: ATSC DTV Receiver Systems
    Chapter 14: Consumer Video and Networking Issues
    Chapter 15: Cable Television Systems 279
    Chapter 16: Satellite Delivery Systems
    Chapter 17: Receiver Antenna Systems
    Chapter 18: Content Distribution
    Chapter 19: Interactive Television
    Chapter 20: CRT Display Devices
    Chapter 21: Projection Display Systems
    Chapter 22: Flat Panel Displays
    Chapter 23: Measurement of Color Displays
    Chapter 24: Application of the Zone Plate Signal
    Chapter 25: Picture Quality Measurement
     List of Figures and Tables
     References Cited in this Book
     Subject Index
     Appendix: Television/Video Standards
     About the Editor



電視接收器——由領先專家Jerry Whitaker撰寫——是您在21世紀電視接收器設計、規格、安裝和維護方面能找到的最佳參考資料。






- 找到有關數字電視(DTV)和模擬接收器系統的詳細信息
- 自信地計劃和操作任何新型接收器
- 開發顯示、存儲和調諧器組件的創新
- 實施和維修有線和衛星接收器設備
- 應用基於個人電腦的數字電視系統的例子
- 計劃和開發消費者視頻和網絡應用
- 回答有關解碼器芯片等技術的問題
- 瞭解CRT、投影和平板顯示設備
- 找到必要數學的實際例子和詳細解釋


- 前言
- 第1章:電磁譜
- 第2章:傳播
- 第3章:頻率源和參考
- 第4章:接收器特性
- 第5章:無線電信道
- 第6章:低功率放大器
- 第7章:模擬/數字信號轉換
- 第8章:數字濾波器
- 第9章:數字調製
- 第10章:DSP設備和系統
- 第11章:自適應接收器處理
- 第12章:電視接收原理
- 第13章:ATSC數字電視接收器系統
- 第14章:消費者視頻和網絡問題
- 第15章:有線電視系統
- 第16章:衛星傳輸系統
- 第17章:接收天線系統
- 第18章:內容分發
- 第19章:互動電視
- 第20章:CRT顯示設備
- 第21章:投影顯示系統
- 第22章:平板顯示設備
- 第23章:顏色顯示的測量
- 第24章:區域板信號的應用
- 第25章:圖像質量測量
- 圖表和表格列表
- 本書引用的參考文獻
- 主題索引
- 附錄