Photonics Rules of Thumb: Optics, Electro-Optics, Fiber Optics and Lasers

John Lester Miller, Ed Friedman





Here is a handy compilation of 300 cost-saving, think-on-your-feet photonics rules of thumb designed to save you hours of design time and a world of frustration. Within seconds you can accurately gauge the impact of a suggested design change on your project. It is the premiere collection of these valuable rules in a single, quick look-up reference.

These simple-to-implement calculations allow you to rapidly pinpoint trouble spots, ask the right questions at meetings, and are perfect for quick sanity checks of last-minute specifications or performance feature additions. Offering a convenient alphabetical arrangement according to specialty, this unique reference spans the entire spectrum of photonics, including:

* Eighteen chapters covering optics, electro-optics, optics of the atmosphere, radiometry, technologies related to security and surveillance systems, lasers, and many others.

* If you want to develop a sense of what will work and what won’t and want the calculations to keep things real, Photonics Rules of Thumb belongs on your desk or in your pocket.

Table of Contents

   Chapter 1: Acquisition, Tracking, and Pointing/Detection, Recognition, and Identification
   Chapter 2: Astronomy
   Chapter 3: Atmospherics
   Chapter 4: Backgrounds
   Chapter 5: Cryogenics
   Chapter 6: Detectors
   Chapter 7: Displays
   Chapter 8: The Human Eye
   Chapter 9: Lasers
   Chapter 10: Material Properties
   Chapter 11: Miscellaneous
   Chapter 12: Ocean Optics
   Chapter 13: Optics
   Chapter 14: Radiometry
   Chapter 15: Shop Optics
   Chapter 16: Systems
   Chapter 17: Target Phenomenology
   Chapter 18: Visible and Television Sensors






* 18個章節,涵蓋光學、電光學、大氣光學、輻射計量學、與安全監控系統相關的技術、激光等等。

* 如果您想要對什麼有效且無效有所了解,並且希望這些計算能夠保持現實,Photonics Rules of Thumb應該放在您的桌上或口袋裡。