Standard Handbook of Video and Television Engineering, 4/e

Jerry Whitaker, Blair Benson




Its a challenge to stay in sync with the fast-paced world of TV and video today. Networking schemes, compression technology, computing systems, equipment, and standards are all but a few of the things that seem to change monthly. As the field transitions from analog to hybrid analog/digital to all-digital broadcast networks, stations, video video production facilities, and success-minded engineers and technicians stay up to speed with the only reference tracking all the changes in the field: the Standard Handbook of Video and Television Engineering.

No other source covers such a broad range of video and television technology--with an emphasis on practical applications. Whether you work in design, production, installation, operation, or maintenance of video centers and broadcast stations, Standard Handbook of Video and Television Engineering gives you easy-to-find answers on:

* Video networking technologies

* Digital television and data broadcast standards

* Digital technologies for production, transport, and storage of video and audio signals

* Digital video formats and production considerations

* Implementation recommendations and practices for DTV

* Video pickup and display devices and systems

* Compression technologies for audio and video

* Production facility design guidelines

* Fundamental principles of light and vision

* Extensive reference documentation

* And much more

Covering everything from basic principles and formulae to dissections of the latest equipment and FCC mandates, the Handbook includes more than 70 topically organized, fully indexed, articles--over 1200 pages, written by dozens of the fields foremost experts. Whats more, the accompanying CD includes a compendium of standards, critical background information, in-depth technical material, and high-resolution test images.

This leading-edge resource defines todays video electronics, pulling together wisdom from the entire scope of television technology to deliver a truly useful, field-encompassing volume selected by more professionals than any other. Why not make the Standard Handbook of Video and Television Engineering your choice, too?


    Section 1: Light, Vision, and Photometry
    Section 2: Color Vision, Representation, and Reproduction
    Section 3: Optical Components and Systems
    Section 4: Digital Coding and Signal Processing
    Section 5: Electron Optics and Deflection
    Section 6: Video Cameras
    Section 7: Monochromes and Color Image Display Devices
    Section 8: Video Recording Systems
    Section 9: Production Standards, Equipment, and System Design
    Section 10: Film for Video Applications
    Section 11: Compression Techniques for Video and Audio
    Section 12: Networking Principles, Protocols, and Systems
    Section 13: Digital Television Transmission Systems
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- 視頻網絡技術
- 數字電視和數據廣播標準
- 視頻和音頻信號的生產、傳輸和存儲的數字技術
- 數字視頻格式和製作考慮事項
- 數字電視的實施建議和實踐
- 視頻拾取和顯示設備和系統
- 音頻和視頻壓縮技術
- 生產設施設計指南
- 光和視覺的基本原理
- 大量參考文獻
- 等等



- 貢獻者
- 前言
- 第1節:光、視覺和光度學
- 第2節:色彩視覺、表示和再現
- 第3節:光學元件和系統
- 第4節:數字編碼和信號處理
- 第5節:電子光學和偏轉
- 第6節:視頻攝像機
- 第7節:單色和彩色圖像顯示設備
- 第8節:視頻錄製系統
- 第9節:生產標準、設備和系統設計
- 第10節:視頻應用的電影
- 第11節:視頻和音頻壓縮技術
- 第12節:網絡原理、協議和系統
- 第13節:數字電視傳輸系統
- 主題索引
- 編者簡介
- CD-ROM內容