Hands-on AI with Java : Smart Gaming, Robots, and More

Edwin Wise



Demystify AI and Make It Work -- or Play!

* Give your robot uncanny abilities

* Build programs that work intelligently with humans

* Add smarts to computer games

* Program optimal path-finding for machining and robotics


Edwin Wise’ Hands-On AI with Java shows you how to put AI techniques to work in a wide variety of useful and entertaining ways.

Robot builders, hobbyists, game developers, automated-help-desk programmers, and even manufacturing engineers can take advantage of Wise’s clear explanations and generous samples of customizable Java code. This book shows you how to:

* Give computer game characters role-playing and decision-making skills

* Simulate evolution to find solutions to hard problems

* Develop machine-to-human text interactions for help desks, adventure games, computerized tutorials, and Web agents

* Guide machine tools for intelligent behavior, such as tool-path optimization and efficient sheet utilization

* Teach your computer to play strategy games

* Solve control problems, including the classic inverted-pole problem

With its own helpful Web site (and an author who answers e-mails), Hands-On AI with Java is the perfect starting point in artificial intelligence.


   Chapter 1: Artificial Intelligence
   Chapter 2: Computing Framework
   Chapter 3: Control Systems
   Chapter 4: Scripted Behavior
   Chapter 5: Discrete Searching
   Chapter 6: Searching State Space
   Chapter 7: Thinking Logically
   Chapter 8: Supervised Neural Networks
   Chapter 9: Unsupervised Neural Networks