Power Quality in Electrical Systems

Alexander Kusko, Marc T. Thompson



Identify and Solve Key Electric-Power-Quality Problems and Ensure Reliable Power Delivery to All Customers

Power Quality in Electrical Systems equips you with the latest engineering techniques for providing power quality to all customers, and includes vital information on manufacturing, data processing, and healthcare facilities. Based on an IEEE Professional Education course, the book is a practice-oriented engineering tutorial for solving key electric-power-quality problems.

This skills-building resource is designed to improve job performance by taking you step-by-step through voltage distortion…harmonic current sources…power capacitors…corrections for power-quality problems …switched-mode power supplies…uninterruptible power supplies…standby power systems…power-quality measurements…and more. Filled with 100 detailed illustrations, Power Quality in Electrical Systems enables you to:

  • Spot and correct key electric-power-quality problems
  • Achieve full compliance with IEEE standards
  • Examine switched-mode power supplies, rectifiers, and other loads that produce interference
  • Catch up on the latest standby power systems
  • Get vital information on power quality for manufacturing, data processing, and healthcare facilities
  • Explore power-quality case studies with problems and worked solutions

Inside This Comprehensive Power-Quality Guide

• Power-quality standards • Voltage distortion • Harmonics • Harmonic current sources • Power harmonic filters • Switched-mode power supplies • Corrections for power-quality problems • Uninterruptible power supplies • Power-quality events • Standby power systems • Power-quality measurements
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Power-Quality Standards
Chapter 3: Voltage Distortion
Chapter 4: Harmonics and Interharmonics
Chapter 5: Harmonic Current Sources
Chapter 6: Power Harmonic Filters
Chapter 7: Switch Mode Power Supplies
Chapter 8: Methods for Correction of Power-Quality Problems
Chapter 9: Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Chapter 10: Dynamic Voltage Compensators
Chapter 11. Power Quality Events
Chapter 12. Electric Motor Drive Equipment
Chapter 13: Standby Power Systems
Chapter 14: Power Quality Measurements





- 發現並修正關鍵的電力品質問題
- 符合IEEE標準
- 檢查開關模式電源、整流器和其他產生干擾的負載
- 瞭解最新的待機電源系統
- 獲取製造、數據處理和醫療設施的電力品質重要信息
- 探索帶有問題和解決方案的電力品質案例研究


- 電力品質標準
- 電壓失真
- 諧波
- 諧波電流源
- 功率諧波濾波器
- 開關模式電源
- 解決電力品質問題的方法
- 不間斷電源
- 電力品質事件
- 待機電源系統
- 電力品質測量


- 第1章:介紹
- 第2章:電力品質標準
- 第3章:電壓失真
- 第4章:諧波和互諧波
- 第5章:諧波電流源
- 第6章:功率諧波濾波器
- 第7章:開關模式電源
- 第8章:解決電力品質問題的方法
- 第9章:不間斷電源
- 第10章:動態電壓補償器
- 第11章:電力品質事件
- 第12章:電動機驅動設備
- 第13章:待機電源系統
- 第14章:電力品質測量
- 索引