PICAXE Microcontroller Projects for the Evil Genius (Paperback)

Ron Hackett

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  • 出版日期: 2010-09-02
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  • ISBN-13: 9780071703260
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"Ron has worked hard to explain how the PICAXE system operates through simple examples, and I'm sure his easy-to-read style will help many people progress with their PICAXE projects."

This wickedly inventive guide shows you how to program, build, and debug a variety of PICAXE microcontroller projects. PICAXE Microcontroller Projects for the Evil Genius gets you started with programming and I/O interfacing right away, and then shows you how to develop a master processor circuit.

From "Hello, World!" to "Hail, Octavius!"
All the projects in Part I can be accomplished using either an M or M2 class PICAXE processor, and Part II adds 20X2-based master processor projects to the mix. Part III culminates in the creation of Octavius--a sophisticated robotics experimentation platform featuring a 40X2 master processor and eight breadboard stations which allow you to develop intelligent peripherals to augment Octavius' functioning. The only limit is your imagination!

PICAXE Microcontroller Projects for the Evil Genius:

  • Features step-by-step instructions and helpful photos and illustrations
  • Allows you to customize each project for your purposes
  • Offers all the programs in the book free for download
  • Removes the frustration factor--all required parts are listed, along with sources

Build these and other devious devices:

  • Simple mini-stereo jack adapter
  • USBS-PA3 PICAXE programming adapter
  • Power supply
  • Three-state digital logic probe
  • 20X2 master processor circuit
  • TV-R input module
  • 8-bit parallel 16X2 LCD board
  • Serialized 16X2 LCD
  • Serialized 4X4 matrix keypad
  • SPI 4-digit LED display
  • Countdown timer
  • Programmable, multi-function peripheral device and operating system
  • Octavius--advanced robotics experimentation platform
  • L298 dual DC motor controller board

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「製作一些邪惡有趣的 PICAXE 微控制器設備」

「Ron 努力解釋了 PICAXE 系統的運作方式,並通過簡單的示例來幫助讀者理解。我相信他易於閱讀的風格將幫助許多人在他們的 PICAXE 專案中取得進展。」

這本極具創意的指南向您展示如何編程、構建和調試各種 PICAXE 微控制器專案。《邪惡天才的 PICAXE 微控制器專案》讓您立即開始進行編程和 I/O 介面,然後向您展示如何開發主處理器電路。

從「Hello, World!」到「Hail, Octavius!」
第一部分的所有專案都可以使用 M 或 M2 系列的 PICAXE 處理器完成,第二部分則添加了基於 20X2 的主處理器專案。第三部分則以創建 Octavius 為高潮,Octavius 是一個複雜的機器人實驗平台,擁有一個 40X2 主處理器和八個麵包板站,可以開發智能外設來增強 Octavius 的功能。唯一的限制就是您的想像力!

《邪惡天才的 PICAXE 微控制器專案》:
- 提供逐步指示和有用的照片和插圖
- 允許您根據自己的需求自定義每個專案
- 提供書中所有程式的免費下載
- 減少挫折感,所有所需零件都列出,並附有來源

- 簡單的迷你立體聲插孔轉接器
- 電源供應器
- 三態數位邏輯探針
- 20X2 主處理器電路
- TV-R 輸入模組
- 8 位元並列 16X2 液晶板
- 串列化 16X2 液晶顯示器
- 串列化 4X4 矩陣鍵盤
- SPI 4 位元數字 LED 顯示器
- 倒數計時器
- 可程式化多功能外設裝置和作業系統
- Octavius - 先進的機器人實驗平台
- L298 雙直流馬達控制板

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