OCA Oracle Database 12c Installation and Administration Exam Guide (Exam 1Z0-062), 2/e (Paperback)

John Watson



A Complete Study System for OCA Exam 1Z0-062

Prepare for the Oracle Certified Associate Oracle Database 12c Installation and Administration exam with this exclusive Oracle Press guide. Each chapter features challenging exercises, a certification summary, a two-minute drill, and a self-test to reinforce the topics presented. This authoritative resource helps you pass the exam and also serves as an essential, on-the-job reference. Get complete coverage of all OCA objectives for exam 1Z0-062, including:

  • Installing and upgrading Oracle Database software
  • Managing the database instance
  • Configuring the Oracle network environment
  • Managing database storage structures
  • Administering user security
  • Managing undo data and data concurrency
  • Implementing Oracle Database auditing
  • Performing database maintenance
  • Managing performance and tuning SQL
  • Managing resources using Oracle Database Resource Manager
  • Automating tasks
  • Moving data
  • Performing backup and recovery
  • Installing Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a standalone server

Electronic content includes:

  • 185+ practice exam questions with detailed answers and explanations
  • Test engine that provides custom exams by chapter or by domain
  • PDF copy of the book



準備參加Oracle認證的Oracle Database 12c安裝和管理考試,請使用這本獨家的Oracle Press指南。每個章節都包含具有挑戰性的練習題、認證摘要、兩分鐘速成和自我測試,以加強所介紹的主題。這本權威資源將幫助您通過考試,同時也是一本必備的工作參考書。完整涵蓋了考試1Z0-062的所有OCA目標,包括:

- 安裝和升級Oracle Database軟體
- 管理資料庫實例
- 配置Oracle網路環境
- 管理資料庫儲存結構
- 管理使用者安全性
- 管理撤銷資料和資料並發性
- 實施Oracle Database審計
- 執行資料庫維護
- 透過調整SQL來管理性能
- 使用Oracle Database資源管理器來管理資源
- 自動化任務
- 移動資料
- 執行備份和恢復
- 為獨立伺服器安裝Oracle Grid Infrastructure


- 185+個帶有詳細答案和解釋的練習考題
- 提供按章節或按領域進行自訂考試的測試引擎
- 書籍的PDF副本