CTS-I Certified Technology Specialist-Installation Exam Guide (Paperback)

Shonan Noronha, InfoComm International


The Most Complete CTS-I Exam Study System

Published with InfoComm International, CTS-I Certified Technology Specialist-Installation Exam Guide provides comprehensive coverage of all exam objectives on the leading internationally recognized certification for audiovisual installation professionals. Each chapter features learning objectives, best practices, diagrams, photos, and chapter review questions with in-depth explanations. Designed to help you prepare for the CTS-I exam, this authoritative resource also serves as an essential on-the-job reference.

Covers all CTS-I exam objectives, including how to:

  • Manage an AV project
  • Interpret audiovisual documentation
  • Conduct pre-installation activities
  • Route, pull, and terminate cable
  • Mount AV equipment
  • Build and wire racks
  • Install audio systems
  • Install video systems
  • Verify systems
  • Work with networks
  • Perform system closeout

Electronic content includes:

  • Official CTS-I practice exam
  • PDF copy of the book
  • Links to a library of installation and AV math videos


《CTS-I Certified Technology Specialist-Installation Exam Guide》是由InfoComm International出版的最全面的CTS-I考試學習系統。該書全面涵蓋了音視頻安裝專業人員國際認可的領先考試的所有考試目標。每章都包含學習目標、最佳實踐、圖表、照片以及深入解釋的章節評論問題。該書旨在幫助您準備CTS-I考試,同時也是一本必不可少的工作參考資料。

- 管理音視頻項目
- 解讀音視頻文件
- 進行預安裝活動
- 路由、拉線和終端電纜
- 安裝音視頻設備
- 搭建和布線機架
- 安裝音頻系統
- 安裝視頻系統
- 驗證系統
- 處理網絡
- 完成系統結束工作

- 官方CTS-I模擬考試
- 書籍的PDF副本
- 連接到安裝和音視頻數學視頻庫的鏈接