Oracle E-Business Suite Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management (Paperback)

Bastin Gerald, Nigel King, Dan Natchek



Establish a Truly Global E-Business

Take full advantage of the only fully integrated, end-to-end, Internet-based manufacturing and supply chain management software that is designed for e-business operations. Fully authorized by Oracle Corporation, this comprehensive guide explains how to implement the planning, engineering, pricing, order fulfillment, and inventory management components of Oracle Manufacturing and Supply Chain--and develop and deliver goods and services faster, cheaper, and more efficiently than your competitors.

  • Create and manage items using Oracle Inventory
  • Define manufacturing departments, resources, and production lines with Oracle Bill of Material and Oracle Flow Manufacturing
  • Record, track, and implement engineering changes to items, bills of materials, and routing with Oracle Engineering
  • Oversee sales, planning, manufacturing, and procurement operations with Oracle E-Business Intelligence
  • Use the Oracle Order Management Suite and the Oracle Procurement Suite to capture and communicate your demand and supply information efficiently
  • Streamline material handling with Oracle Inventory and Oracle Warehouse Management
  • Execute your manufacturing plans with Work in Process, Flow Manufacturing, and Oracle Shop Floor Management
  • Plan and optimize material and capacity usage with Master Scheduling/MRP and Advanced Supply Chain Planning


   I: Introduction
    1: Overview of Oracle Manufacturing Products

   II: Design Engg. & Product Management
    2: Enterprise Structure
    3: Managing Items
    4: Managing Bill of Materials
    5: Design Engineering
    6: Configuring to Order Environment
    7: Manufacture Engineering

   III: Demand Management
    8: Planning Fundamentals
    9: Demand Planning
    10: Single Organization Planning
    11: Advanced Supply Chain Planning

   IV: Planning Management
    12: Order Management
    13: Procurement Management
    14: Inbound Logistics
    15: Inventory and Warehouse Management
    16: Manufacturing Execution
    17: Outbound Logistics

   V: Manufacturing Execution
    18: Cost Management
    19: Quality Management
    20: Pricing

   VI: Business Intelligence
    21: Business Intelligence
    22: Advanced Business Intelligence

   VII: Case Study

   VIII: Enterprise Application Intelligence Tools