John D. Woodward Jr., Nicholas M. Orlans, Peter T. Higgins

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Real-World Issues and Applications from the Biometrics Front Lines


Beyond passwords and PINS, beyond ID cards, keys, and tokens, stands biometrics--the science of recognizing people by physical characteristics or personal traits. Learn about the technical properties and applications of fingerprints, hand geometry, facial and voice recognition, iris and retinal scans, signature and keystroke dynamics, and futuristic biometrics such as vein patterns. Follow sample scenarios and real-world case studies to understand ensuring biometric liveness, deploying biometrics in large-scale systems, developing technical standards, and testing and evaluating biometric technologies. Make financial and business dealings safer and more reliable, improve safety, and balance your needs for speed, convenience, and accuracy with help from this thorough resource.



  • Select the right authentication methods for your unique operating environment and security needs
  • Learn biometric technologies through case studies detailing FBI programs, Super Bowl surveillance, and more
  • Learn about the role for biometrics in a national identity program
  • Explore esoteric biometrics such as vein patterns, facial thermography, DNA, body odor, and hand grip recognition
  • Increase confidence in biometric security with liveness testing
  • Guard against multiple identity fraud and identify theft
  • Test and evaluate biometric systems for metrics such as performance, vulnerability, and compliance with emerging standards
  • Assess your needs and find the right balance between security, convenience, and cost-benefit concerns
  • Overcome the challenges faced when integrating biometrics into an overall security plan







   Part I: Authentication and Biometrics Overview
    1: How Authentication Technologies Work
    2: How Biometrics Work

   Part II: Types of Biometrics
    3: Fingerprint and Hand Geometry
    4: Facial and Voice Recognition
    5: Eye Biometrics: Iris and Retina Scanning
    6: Signature Recognition and Keystroke Dynamics
    7: Esoteric Biometrics

   Part III: Issues Involving Biometrics
    8: Biometric Liveness Testing
    9: Biometrics in Large-Scale Systems
    10: Biometric Standards
    11: Biometric Testing and Evaluation

   Part IV: Privacy, Policy, and Legal Concerns Raised by Biometrics
    12: Biometrics and Privacy
    13: Legal Considerations of Government Use of Biometrics
    14: Case Study: Super Bowl Surveillance
    15: The Law and Private-Sector Use of Biometrics

   Part V: Review of Selected Biometrics Programs
    16: Government and Military Programs
    17: Searching the FBI’s Civil Files: Public Safety v. Civil Liberty
    18: Private-Sector Programs
    19: Biometrics and the Feasibility of a National ID Card

   Part VI: Appendixes
    A: Resources
    B: Publicly Held Companies Offering Biometric Services