Macromedia Flash MX: A Beginner's Guide

Brian Underdahl

  • 出版商: McGraw-Hill Education
  • 出版日期: 2002-03-22
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 402
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0072222662
  • ISBN-13: 9780072222661
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Macromedia Flash is the hottest tool on the Web because its quick-loading and motion-rich files dovetail perfectly with the Internets mission--to provide visual information over which the viewer has navigational control. Capitalize on Flash motion by tweening animated sequence, then add sophisticated behaviors with ActionScript, the native programming language of Flash. Import, edit, and synchronize sound, and work with all types of graphic files--including bitmap. Optimize your movies, then publish to the Web and to alternative formats. From simple animations you can create in minutes, to morphing text and highly animated movies, this resourceful guide will help you get the most from this awesome motion graphics application.

This Beginners Guide is Designed for Easy Learning:

  • Modules--Each concept is divided into logical modules (chapters), ideal for individualized learning
  • Goals--Each module opens with the specific skills youll have by the end of the module
  • Ask the Experts--Q&A sections throughout are filled with extra information and interesting commentary
  • 1-Minute Drills--Quick self-assessment sections to check your progress
  • Annotated Syntax--Example code annotated with commentary that points to the particular technique illustrated
  • Projects--Exercises contained in each module show how to apply what you are learning
  • Mastery Checks--End-of-module reviews that test your knowledge using short-answer, multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and simple coding questions


    1: Understanding Flash
    2: Learning the Flash Toolbox
    3: Learning the Flash Panels
    4: Using the Timeline and Layers
    5: Drawing Objects
    6: Creating Animations
    7: Using Guides and Masks
    8: Creating Symbols and Using the Library
    9: Using Imported Graphics
    10: Adding Sounds to Your Movies
    11: Publishing Flash Movies
    12: Learning Basic ActionScript Concepts
    13: Learning Basic ActionScript Programming
    14: Learning More ActionScript Programming

    Appendix: Answers to Mastery Checks


Macromedia Flash 是網路上最熱門的工具,因為它的快速加載和豐富的動畫文件完美地配合了網路的使命 - 提供讓觀眾可以控制導航的視覺資訊。利用動畫序列的縮放動畫,然後使用 Flash 的原生程式語言 ActionScript 添加複雜的行為。匯入、編輯和同步音效,並處理各種類型的圖形文件 - 包括位圖。優化您的影片,然後發佈到網路和其他格式。從幾分鐘內創建的簡單動畫到變形文字和高度動畫的電影,這本實用指南將幫助您充分利用這個令人驚嘆的動態圖形應用程式。

- 模組 - 每個概念都分為邏輯模組(章節),非常適合個別學習
- 目標 - 每個模組開始時列出您在模組結束時將具備的具體技能
- 專家解答 - 整本書中的問答部分提供額外資訊和有趣的評論
- 1 分鐘測驗 - 快速自我評估部分,檢查您的進度
- 註解語法 - 用註解標註的範例程式碼,指出具體的技巧
- 專案 - 每個模組中的練習展示如何應用所學的知識
- 精通檢查 - 模組結束時的回顧,使用簡答、多選、填空和簡單編碼問題來測試您的知識

1. 了解 Flash
2. 學習 Flash 工具箱
3. 學習 Flash 面板
4. 使用時間軸和圖層
5. 繪製物件
6. 創建動畫
7. 使用指南和遮罩
8. 創建符號和使用資料庫
9. 使用匯入的圖形
10. 將音效添加到您的影片
11. 發佈 Flash 影片
12. 學習基本的 ActionScript 概念
13. 學習基本的 ActionScript 編程
14. 學習更多的 ActionScript 編程