Java 2: The Complete Reference, 5/e (Paperback)

Herb Schildt, Herbert Schildt

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  • 出版日期: 2002-07-28
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  • 相關分類: Java 程式語言
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The Most Comprehensive and Definitive Guide to Java!

Let Herb Schildt, the worlds leading programming author, show you everything you need to develop, compile, debug, and run Java applications and applets. This definitive guide contains complete details on the Java language, its class libraries, and its development environment along with hundreds of examples and expert techniques. Fully updated to cover the latest features of Java 2, v1.4, including the new I/O API, regular expressions, chained exceptions, the assert keyword, and upgrades to Javas networking classes and the Collections Framework, this comprehensive reference is a must-have for every Java programmer. And, everything is explained in the clear, uncompromising style that has made Herb Schildt the choice of millions worldwide.

  • Master the entire Java language and its core libraries
  • Build portable applets and applications
  • Fully utilize the Abstract Windows Toolkit (AWT)
  • Use layout managers effectively
  • Supercharge your programs using multithreading
  • Leverage the power of the Collections Framework
  • Apply Javas networking and imaging classes
  • Migrate code from C++ to Java
  • Explore servlets, Swing, and JavaBeans
  • Learn about Javas newest features--including the new I/O and regular expression APIs, the assert keyword, and chained exceptions


   Part I: The Java Language
    1: The Genesis of Java
    2: An Overview of Java
    3: Data Types, Variables, and Arrays
    4: Operators
    5: Control Statements
    6: Introducing Classes
    7: A Closer Look at Methods and Classes
    8: Inheritance
    9: Packages and Interfaces
    10: Exception Handling
    11: Multithreaded Programming
    12: I/O, Applets, and Other Topics

   Part II: The Java Library
    13: String Handling
    14: Exploring java.lang
    15: java.util Part 1: The Collections Framework
    16: java.util Part 2: More Utility Classes
    17: Input/Output: Exploring
    18: Networking
    19: The Applet Class
    20: Event Handling
    21: Introducing the AWT: Working with Windows, Graphics, and Text
    22: Using AWT Controls, Layout Managers, and Menus
    23: Images
    24: New I/O, Regular Expressions, and Other Packages

   Part III: Software Development Using Java
    25: Java Beans
    26: A Tour of Swing
    27: Servlets
    28: Migrating from C++ to Java

   Part IV: Applying Java
    29: The DynamicBillboard Applet
    30: ImageMenu: An Image-Based Web Menu
    31: The Lavatron Applet: A Sports Arena Display
    32: Scrabblet: A Multiplayer Word Game

    Appendix A: Using Java’s Documentation Comments



讓世界領先的程式設計作家Herb Schildt向您展示開發、編譯、調試和運行Java應用程序和小程序所需的一切。這本權威指南包含了有關Java語言、其類庫和開發環境的完整詳細信息,以及數百個示例和專家技巧。全面更新以涵蓋Java 2, v1.4的最新功能,包括新的I/O API、正則表達式、鏈式異常、assert關鍵字以及Java的網絡類和集合框架的升級。這本綜合參考書是每個Java程序員必備的工具。而且,所有內容都以清晰、毫不妥協的風格解釋,這也是Herb Schildt成為全球數百萬讀者選擇的原因。


1. Java的起源
2. Java概述
3. 數據類型、變量和數組
4. 運算符
5. 控制語句
6. 介紹類
7. 方法和類的更深入研究
8. 繼承
9. 包和接口
10. 異常處理
11. 多線程編程
12. I/O、小程序和其他主題

13. 字符串處理
14. 探索java.lang
15. java.util第1部分:集合框架
16. java.util第2部分:更多實用類
17. 輸入/輸出:探索
18. 網絡
19. 小程序類
20. 事件處理
21. 介紹AWT:使用窗口、圖形和文本
22. 使用AWT控件、佈局管理器和菜單
23. 圖像
24. 新的I/O、正則表達式和其他包

25. Java Beans
26. Swing概覽
27. Servlets
28. 從C++遷移至Java

29. 動態廣告牌小程序
30. ImageMenu:基於圖像的網頁菜單
31. Lavatron小程序:體育場顯示
32. Scrabblet:多人單詞遊戲