Fireworks MX: The Complete Reference

Doug Sahlin

  • 出版商: McGraw-Hill Education
  • 出版日期: 2002-07-29
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 684
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0072224568
  • ISBN-13: 9780072224566
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The Authoritative Resource on FrameMaker 7

Master the myriad features and complex interface of FrameMaker 7, and implement complex multichannel publishing solutions. Publishing experts Sarah OKeefe and Sheila Loring present over 900 pages of information to help you use the automated formatting features of this powerful application. FrameMaker 7: The Complete Reference helps you understand and master its many features to increase your productivity and improve your published documents. Learn to create and manipulate text, control page layout, and construct books--plus advanced techniques including hypertext, modular text, and working with XML, SGML, DTDs, and element definition documents.

  • Build a FrameMaker-based workflow that suits your needs for production, content creation, and template design
  • Fully understand the interface, including the document window, structure view, status bar, and toolbars
  • Prepare information in other applications for quick and easy import into FrameMaker
  • Use the thesaurus, footnotes, markers, spell-check, and other standard options included in FrameMakers full-featured word processing environment
  • Make your documents easy to maintain with conditional text, variables, text insets, and cross-references
  • Import graphic files from one of many supported formats, such as EPS, TIFF, Adobe Illustrator, SVG, GIF, JPEG, and PNG
  • Manage all aspects of book construction, from automatic page numbering to tables of contents, indexing, and other generated files
  • Work with structured documents and XML/SGML


   Part I: Getting Started with FrameMaker
    1: Why FrameMaker?
    2: Establishing a Workflow in FrameMaker
    3: Creating Your First Document

   Part II: Creating and Manipulating Text
    4: Word-Processing Features
    5: Formatting Text with Paragraph Tags
    6 Formatting Text with Character Tags
    7: Understanding Table Design
    8: Cross-References
    9: Storing Content in Variables

   Part III: Controlling Page Layout
    10: Understanding Text Flows
    11: Understanding Master Pages
    12: Importing Graphics
    13: FrameMaker’s Graphics Tools

   Part IV: Building Books
    14: Setting Up Book Files
    15: Creating Tables of Contents
    16: Creating Indexes
    17: Creating Other Generated Files

   Part V: Creating Output
    18: Print and PDF Output
    19: Creating HTML and XML Output
    20: Color Output

   Part VI: Advanced Techniques
    21: Setting Up Conditional Text
    22: Creating Interactive Documents with Hypertext
    23: Writing Equations
    24: Maker Interchange Format
    25: Creating Modules with Text Insets
    26: Templates
    27: Sharing and Managing Files Using WebDAV

   Part VII: Structured FrameMaker
    28: Working with Structured Documents
    29: Understanding the Element Definition Document
    30: Adding Structure to Unstructured Documents
    31: Importing and Exporting XML/SGML

   Part VIII: Appendixes
    A: Resources
    B: Managing Fonts Across Platforms
    C: Building Blocks


《FrameMaker 7: The Complete Reference》是關於FrameMaker 7的權威資源。出版專家Sarah OKeefe和Sheila Loring提供了超過900頁的資訊,幫助您使用這個強大應用程式的自動格式化功能。本書幫助您了解並掌握FrameMaker 7的眾多功能,提高生產力並改善您的出版文件。學習創建和操作文本,控制頁面佈局,構建書籍,以及包括超文本、模塊化文本和使用XML、SGML、DTD和元素定義文件等高級技術。

- 建立適合您生產、內容創建和模板設計需求的基於FrameMaker的工作流程
- 充分了解介面,包括文檔窗口、結構視圖、狀態欄和工具欄
- 將其他應用程序中的信息準備好,以便快速且輕鬆地導入FrameMaker
- 使用FrameMaker完整功能的文字處理環境,包括詞庫、註腳、標記、拼寫檢查和其他標準選項
- 使用條件文本、變量、文本插入和交叉引用使您的文檔易於維護
- 從多種支持的格式(如EPS、TIFF、Adobe Illustrator、SVG、GIF、JPEG和PNG)導入圖形文件
- 管理書籍構建的各個方面,從自動頁碼到目錄、索引和其他生成的文件
- 處理結構化文檔和XML/SGML
- 高級技術,包括設置條件文本、創建超文本互動文檔、編寫方程式、Maker互換格式、使用文本插入創建模塊、模板、使用WebDAV共享和管理文件
- 使用結構化FrameMaker處理結構化文檔,了解元素定義文件的概念,以及為非結構化文檔添加結構的方法。

- 第一部分:開始使用FrameMaker
- 第二部分:創建和操作文本
- 第三部分:控制頁面佈局
- 第四部分:構建書籍
- 第五部分:創建輸出
- 第六部分:高級技術
- 第七部分:結構化FrameMaker

《FrameMaker 7: The Complete Reference》是一本全面的指南,幫助您充分利用FrameMaker 7的功能,提高工作效率並改善出版文件的質量。