Networking: A Beginner's Guide, 3/e (Paperback)

Bruce Hallberg

  • 出版商: McGraw-Hill Education
  • 出版日期: 2002-11-18
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 491
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0072225637
  • ISBN-13: 9780072225631
  • 相關分類: Linux
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Essential Skills--Made Easy!

Get a solid introduction to networking with this hands-on guide. Youll get all the core information you need to get started--including design and configuration, hardware, networking protocols, remote access, and security--plus, youll find blueprints that map out network topologies and the OSI networking model. This updated guide contains expanded coverage of Internet connections, firewalls and encryption methods, disaster recovery, as well as new coverage of Linux, Apache, and Windows 2000 and .NET Server. Whether youre just beginning your career, studying for a networking certification exam, or looking to refresh your current knowledge, this book is a premier learning tool and invaluable networking resource.

Designed for Easy Learning:

  • Modules--Each concept is divided into logically organized modules (chapters), ideal for self-paced learning
  • Critical Skills--Each module opens with the specific skills covered in the module
  • Mastery Checks--End-of-module reviews test knowledge using short-answer, multiple-choice, and fill-in-the-blank questions
  • Ask-the-Experts--Q&A sections throughout are filled with bonus information and helpful tips
  • Progress Checks--Quick self-assessment sections check your progress
  • Projects--Practical exercises show how to apply the critical skills learned
  • Blueprints--Key networking configurations are illustrated in detail


  PART I: Networking Ins and Outs
   Ch. 1: The Business of Networking
   Ch. 2: Laying the Foundation
   Ch. 3: Understanding Networking
   Ch. 4: Understanding Network Cabling
   Ch. 5: Understanding Network Hardware
   Ch. 6: Making Network Connections
   Ch. 7: Comprehending Networking Protocols
   Ch. 8: Inspecting Directory Services
   Ch. 9: Remote Access
   Ch. 10: Network Security
   Ch. 11: Network Disaster Recovery
   Ch. 12: Understanding, Choosing, Installing, and Maintaining Server Hardware
   Ch. 13: Understanding, Choosing, Installing, and Maintaining Network Computers

  PART II: Hands On Knowledge
   Ch. 14: Designing a Network
   Ch. 15: Installing and Setting up Windows 2000 Server
   Ch. 16: Administering Windows 2000 Server: The Basics
   Ch. 17: Understanding Other Windows 2000 Server Services
   Ch. 18: Introducing Windows .NET Server
   Ch. 19: Installing Windows .NET Server
   Ch. 20: Administering Windows .NET Server
   Ch. 21: Installing and Setting Up Linux
   Ch. 22: Administering Linux: The Basics
   Ch. 23: Setting Up a Linux Web Server with Apache



這本實踐指南將帶您深入了解網絡。您將獲得所有開始所需的核心信息--包括設計和配置、硬件、網絡協議、遠程訪問和安全性--此外,您還將找到網絡拓撲圖和OSI網絡模型的藍圖。這本更新的指南包含了擴展的互聯網連接、防火牆和加密方法、災難恢復,以及對Linux、Apache、Windows 2000和.NET Server的新覆蓋範圍。無論您是剛開始職業生涯、正在準備網絡認證考試,還是希望更新您目前的知識,這本書都是一個頂級的學習工具和寶貴的網絡資源。


  • 模塊--每個概念都被分為邏輯有序的模塊(章節),非常適合自主學習

  • 關鍵技能--每個模塊開始時列出了該模塊涵蓋的具體技能

  • 掌握檢查--模塊結束時的評估測試使用簡答、多選和填空問題來測試知識

  • 專家解答--各處的問答部分充滿了額外的信息和實用提示

  • 進度檢查--快速的自我評估部分檢查您的進度

  • 項目--實際練習展示如何應用所學的關鍵技能

  • 藍圖--詳細說明了關鍵網絡配置



   第15章:安裝和設置Windows 2000 Server
   第16章:管理Windows 2000 Server:基礎知識
   第17章:理解其他Windows 2000 Server服務
   第18章:介紹Windows .NET Server
   第19章:安裝Windows .NET Server
   第20章:管理Windows .NET Server
   第23章:使用Apache設置Linux Web服務器