Start!: The No Nonsense Guide to Mac OS X Jaguar

Katy Bodenmiller, Greg Simsic, Lyssa Wald

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Because Your Computer Should Improve Your Life, Not Complicate It

No Nonsense Guides are here. With a plainspoken approach, these books are inexpensive starters that are light on idle chat and heavy on practical advice. Theyre lean and mean and stripped down to fighting weight, so youll get from point A to point Z with instruction thats short and sweet, clear and concise. Go on, crack the cover and unleash enough useful information and helpful points to help turn you into a first-rate Mac OS X Jaguar user.

What youll do inside:

  • Acquaint yourself with Mac OS X v.10.2 Jaguar
  • Navigate your hard drive
  • Customize your Mac
  • Keep your files organized
  • Run your favorite applications
  • Keep in touch with friends and family through email
  • Navigate the World Wide Web
  • Share your files with others


    Chapter 1: Acquaint
    Chapter 2: Customize
    Chapter 3: Organize
    Chapter 4: Use
    Chapter 5: Store and Share
    Chapter 6: Connect
    Chapter 7: Play
    Chapter 8: Troubleshoot