Oracle Database 10g XML & SQL: Design, Build, & Manage XML Applications in Java, C, C++, & PL/SQL (Paperback)

Mark Scardina, Ben Chang, Jinyu Wang





Written by members of the Oracle XML group, this is a must-have reference for all IT managers, DBAs, and developers who want to learn the best practices for using XML with Oracle’s XML-enabled products. Includes real-world case studies based on the authors’ experience managing Oracle’s XML Discussion Forum--a community of 20,000+ XML component users.

Table of Contents:

PART I Oracle and the XML Standards
    1 Introducing XML
    2 Accessing XML with DOM, SAX, JAXB, and StAX
    3 Transforming XML with XSLT and XPath
    4 Validating XML with DTDs and XML Schemas
    5 XML Operations with XQuery
    6 XML Messaging and RPC with SOAP
    7 Putting It All Together with XML Pipeline, JSPs, and XSQL
   PART II Oracle XML Management for DBAs
    8 Getting Started with the Oracle XML Database
    9 Storing XML Data
    10 Generating and Retrieving XML
    11 Searching XML Data
    12 Managing the Oracle XML Database
   PART III Oracle XML for Java Developers
    13 Getting Started with Oracle XML and Java
    14 Building an XML-Powered Web Site
    15 Creating a Portal Site with XML and Web Services
    16 Developing an XML Gateway Application with SOAP and AQ
    17 Developing XML-Based Reusable Components
   PART IV Oracle XML for C Developers
    18 Getting Started with Oracle XML and C
    19 Building an XML-Managed Application
    20 Build an XML Database OCI Application
    21 Create an XML-Configured High-Performance Transformation Engine
   PART V Oracle XML for C++ Developers
    22 Getting Started with Oracle XML and C++
    23 Build an XML Database OCI C++ Application
    24 Building an XML Data-Retrieval Application
   PART VI Oracle XML for PL/SQL Developers
    25 Getting Started with Oracle XML and PL/SQL
    26 Building PL/SQL Web Services
    27 Extending PL/SQL XML Functionality with Java
    28 Putting It All Together
    A XML Standards Bodies and Open Specifications