Joe Celko's SQL Programming Style

Joe Celko

  • 出版商: Morgan Kaufmann
  • 出版日期: 2005-04-17
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0120887975
  • ISBN-13: 9780120887972
  • 相關分類: SQL
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Are you an SQL programmer that, like many, came to SQL after learning and writing procedural or object-oriented code? Or have switched jobs to where a different brand of SQL is being used, or maybe even been told to learn SQL yourself?

If even one answer is yes, then you need this book. A "Manual of Style" for the SQL programmer, this book is a collection of heuristics and rules, tips, and tricks that will help you improve SQL programming style and proficiency, and for formatting and writing portable, readable, maintainable SQL code. Based on many years of experience consulting in SQL shops, and gathering questions and resolving his students’ SQL style issues, Joe Celko can help you become an even better SQL programmer.


Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. Names and Data Elements; Chapter 2. Fonts, Punctuation and Spacing; Chapter 3 Data Declaration Language; Chapter 4 Scales and Measurements; Chapter 5 Data Encoding Schemes; Chapter 6 Coding Choices; Chapter 7 How to Use Views; Chapter 8 How to Write Stored Procedures; Heuristics.




如果有一個答案是肯定的,那麼你需要這本書。這本書是SQL程式設計師的「風格手冊」,收集了一些啟發法則、規則、技巧,幫助你改進SQL程式設計風格和熟練度,以及格式化和撰寫可移植、可讀性高、易於維護的SQL程式碼。根據多年在SQL環境中的諮詢經驗,以及收集學生在SQL風格問題上的問題並解決,Joe Celko可以幫助你成為更好的SQL程式設計師。



第1章 名稱和資料元素;第2章 字型、標點符號和間距;第3章 資料宣告語言;第4章 刻度和測量;第5章 資料編碼方案;第6章 編碼選擇;第7章 如何使用視圖;第8章 如何撰寫儲存程序;啟發法則。