Keeping Found Things Found: The Study and Practice of Personal Information Management

William Jones

  • 出版商: Morgan Kaufmann
  • 出版日期: 2007-11-01
  • 定價: $1,700
  • 售價: 1.2$199
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 448
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0123708664
  • ISBN-13: 9780123708663
  • 相關分類: Information-management
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WE ARE ADRIFT IN A SEA OF INFORMATION. We need information to make good decisions, to get things done, to learn, and to gain better mastery of the world around us. But we do not always have good control of our information - not even in the "home waters" of an office or on the hard drive of a computer. Instead, information may be controlling us - keeping us from doing the things we need to do, getting us to waste money and precious time. The growth of available information, plus the technologies for its creation, storage, retrieval, distribution and use, is astonishing and sometimes bewildering. Can there be a similar growth in our understanding for how best to manage information and informational tools?

This book provides a comprehensive overview of personal information management (PIM) as both a study and a practice of the activities people do and need to be doing so that information can work for them in their daily lives.

Introductory chapters of Keeping Found Things Found: The Study and Practice of Personal Information Management provide an overview of PIM and a sense for its many facets. The next chapters look more closely at the essential challenges of PIM, including finding, keeping, organizing, maintaining, managing privacy, and managing information flow. The book also contains chapters on search, email, mobile PIM, web-based support, and other technologies relevant to PIM.

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* Focuses exclusively on one of the most interesting and challenging problems in today's world
* Explores what good and better PIM looks like, and how to measure improvements
* Presents key questions to consider when evaluating any new PIM informational tools or systems


我們在一個信息的海洋中漂流。我們需要信息來做出明智的決策,完成工作,學習,並更好地掌握我們周圍的世界。但我們並不總是能夠很好地掌控我們的信息 - 即使在辦公室或電腦硬盤的“家庭水域”中也是如此。相反,信息可能在控制著我們 - 阻止我們做我們需要做的事情,浪費金錢和寶貴的時間。可用信息的增長,以及用於創建、存儲、檢索、分發和使用信息的技術是令人驚人且有時令人困惑的。我們是否能夠對如何最好地管理信息和信息工具的理解有類似的增長呢?