Introductory Statistics, 3/e (Hardcover)

Sheldon M. Ross





In this revised text, master expositor Sheldon Ross has produced a unique work in introductory statistics. The text's main merits are the clarity of presentation, contemporary examples and applications from diverse areas. Ross provides a clear explanation of intuition and the ideas behind the statistical methods. To quote from the preface, "It is only when a student develops a feel or intuition for statistics that she or he is really on the path toward making sense of data." Ross achieves this goal through a coherent mix of mathematical analysis, intuitive discussions and examples.

1. Introduction to Statistics
2. Describing Data Sets
3. Using Statistics to Summarize Data Sets
4. Probability
5. Discrete Random Variables
6. Normal Random Variables
7. Distributions of Sampling Statistics
8. Estimation
9. Testing Statistical Hypotheses
10. Hypothesis Tests Concerning Two Populations
11. Analysis of Variance
12. Linear Regression
13. Chi-Squared Goodness-of Fit Tests
14. Nonparametric Hypotheses Tests
16. Quality Control