Channel Coding: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications: Academic Press Library in Mobile and Wireless Communications (Hardcover)

David Declercq, Marc Fossorier, Ezio Biglieri


This book gives a review of the principles, methods and techniques of important and emerging research topics and technologies in Channel Coding, including theory, algorithms, and applications.

Edited by leading people in the field who, through their reputation, have been able to commission experts to write on a particular topic.

With this reference source you will:

  • Quickly grasp a new area of research
  • Understand the underlying principles of a topic and its applications
  • Ascertain how a topic relates to other areas and learn of the research issues yet to be resolved
    • Quick tutorial reviews of important and emerging topics of research in Channel Coding
    • Presents core principles in Channel Coding theory and shows their applications
    • Reference content on core principles, technologies, algorithms and applications
    • Comprehensive references to journal articles and other literature on which to build further, more specific and detailed knowledge