Parallel Programming with OpenACC(paperback)

Rob Farber

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  • 出版日期: 2016-10-26
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 0124103979
  • ISBN-13: 9780124103979
  • 相關分類: GPU
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Parallel Programming with OpenACC is a modern, practical guide to implementing dependable computing systems. The book explains how anyone can use OpenACC to quickly ramp-up application performance using high-level code directives called pragmas. The OpenACC directive-based programming model is designed to provide a simple, yet powerful, approach to accelerators without significant programming effort.

Author Rob Farber, working with a team of expert contributors, demonstrates how to turn existing applications into portable GPU accelerated programs that demonstrate immediate speedups. The book also helps users get the most from the latest NVIDIA and AMD GPU plus multicore CPU architectures (and soon for Intel® Xeon Phi™ as well). Downloadable example codes provide hands-on OpenACC experience for common problems in scientific, commercial, big-data, and real-time systems.

Topics include writing reusable code, asynchronous capabilities, using libraries, multicore clusters, and much more. Each chapter explains how a specific aspect of OpenACC technology fits, how it works, and the pitfalls to avoid. Throughout, the book demonstrates how the use of simple working examples that can be adapted to solve application needs.

  • Presents the simplest way to leverage GPUs to achieve application speedups
  • Shows how OpenACC works, including working examples that can be adapted for application needs
  • Allows readers to download source code and slides from the book's companion web page


《使用 OpenACC 進行平行程式設計》是一本現代、實用的實施可靠計算系統的指南。本書解釋了任何人如何使用稱為 pragma 的高階程式碼指示,利用 OpenACC 快速提升應用程式的效能。OpenACC 基於指示的程式設計模型旨在提供一種簡單而強大的方法來加速器,而不需要大量的程式設計工作。

作者 Rob Farber 與一群專家貢獻者合作,展示了如何將現有應用程式轉換為可攜式的 GPU 加速程式,以實現即時的加速效果。本書還幫助使用者充分利用最新的 NVIDIA 和 AMD GPU,以及多核 CPU 架構(很快也將支援 Intel® Xeon Phi™)。可下載的範例程式碼提供了在科學、商業、大數據和實時系統中解決常見問題的實際 OpenACC 經驗。

主題包括撰寫可重複使用的程式碼、異步能力、使用函式庫、多核叢集等等。每一章都解釋了 OpenACC 技術的特定方面如何適用,以及它的工作原理和需要避免的陷阱。整本書通過使用可以適應應用需求的簡單實例來展示。

- 提供了利用 GPU 實現應用程式加速的最簡單方法
- 展示了 OpenACC 的工作原理,包括可以適應應用需求的實例
- 讀者可以從書的附屬網頁下載原始碼和投影片。