Cyber-Physical Attacks: A Growing Invisible Threat (Paperback)

George Loukas PhD Imperial College UK; MEng NTUA Greece.




Cyber-Physical Attacks: A Growing Invisible Threat presents the growing list of harmful uses of computers and their ability to disable cameras, turn off a building’s lights, make a car veer off the road,  or a drone land in enemy hands. In essence, it details the ways cyber-physical attacks are replacing physical attacks in crime, warfare, and terrorism.

The book explores how attacks using computers affect the physical world in ways that were previously only possible through physical means. Perpetrators can now cause damage without the same risk, and without the political, social, or moral outrage that would follow a more overt physical attack.

Readers will learn about all aspects of this brave new world of cyber-physical attacks, along with tactics on how to defend against them. The book provides an accessible introduction to the variety of cyber-physical attacks that have already been employed or are likely to be employed in the near future.

  • Demonstrates how to identify and protect against cyber-physical threats
  • Written for undergraduate students and non-experts, especially physical security professionals without computer science background
  • Suitable for training police and security professionals
  • Provides a strong understanding of the different ways in which a cyber-attack can affect physical security in a broad range of sectors
  • Includes online resources for those teaching security management





- 示範如何識別和防禦網絡物理威脅
- 面向本科生和非專業人士,特別是沒有計算機科學背景的實體安全專業人員
- 適合培訓警察和安全專業人員
- 提供對網絡攻擊如何影響各個行業的物理安全有深入的理解
- 包含供安全管理教學使用的在線資源