Electronic Communication Systems: Fundamentals through Advanced, 4/e

Wayne Tomasi





For sophomore/senior-level courses in Introduction to Electronic Communications and Digital and Data Communications.

Comprehensive in scope and contemporary in coverage, this text introduces basic electronic and data communications fundamentals, and explores their application in modern digital and data communications systems. Students with previous knowledge in basic electronic principles and fundamental calculus concepts will gain a complete understanding of the topics presented here. Tomasi's Advanced Electronic Communication Systems 5/e is the last 10 chapters of this text.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Electronic Communications.
2. Signal Generation.
3. Amplitude Modulation Transmission.
4. Amplitude Modulation Reception.
5. Single-Sideband Communications Systems.
6. Angle Modulation Transmission.
7. Angle Modulation Receivers, FM Stereo, and Two-Way FM Radio.
8. Transmission Lines.
9. Electromagnetic Wave Propagation.
10. Antennas and Waveguides.
11. Optical Fiber Communications.
12. Digital Communications.
13. Data Communications.
14. Data Communications Protocols and Network Configurations.
15. Digital Transmission.
16. Multiplexing.
17. Microwave Radio Communications and System Gain.
18. Satellite Communications.
19. Satellite Multiple-Access Arrangements.
20. Mobile Telephone Service
Appendix A. The Smith Chart.