Programming the Windows 32 API and UNIX System Services

Don E. Merusi

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  • Secrets of programming for heterogeneous systems
  • Topic-by-topic walkthrough, filled with compare-and-contrast models
  • Straightforward, cookbook-style reference
  • Includes Solaris V2.6 and Red Hat Linux Version 6.1

Learn to program for Windows and UNIX the same way you use them: side by side Most organizations today rely on a hybrid combination of systems to meet all the needs of the enterprise. Programmers need to create parallel functionalities and interrelated tools to maximize the efficiency of these heterogeneous systems.

Programming the Win32 API and UNIX System Services goes subject by subject, comparing the functionality of Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, and 2000 with similar features in Solaris V2.6 and Red Hat Linux Version 6.1. The real-world examples and ongoing case studies illustrate the material for quick comprehension and application, while cookbook-style presentations make reference a breeze.

This book is ideal for users of one system who want to become familiar with the other, and of course it is critically important for anyone who must integrate the two. Programming the Win32 API and UNIX System Services is must reading for all serious professional enterprise programmers.

About the CD-ROM

The CD-ROM contains all the source code examples from the book.

  • Compares functionality across the board
  • Includes threads, concurrency, exception handling, file systems, networks, and security
  • Perfect for integrations or migrations
  • Includes Solaris V2.6 and Red Hat Linux Version 6.1


《Win32 API和UNIX系統服務程式設計》

- 程式設計異質系統的秘訣
- 逐個主題進行比較和對比模型的解說
- 直接、簡單易懂的食譜式參考書
- 包含Solaris V2.6和Red Hat Linux Version 6.1


《Win32 API和UNIX系統服務程式設計》逐個主題進行比較,將Microsoft Windows 95、98、NT和2000的功能與Solaris V2.6和Red Hat Linux Version 6.1的相似功能進行對比。實際案例和持續的案例研究以快速理解和應用材料,而食譜式的呈現使參考變得輕而易舉。

本書適合使用一個系統的用戶,希望熟悉另一個系統的人,當然對於必須整合這兩個系統的人來說,它至關重要。《Win32 API和UNIX系統服務程式設計》是所有嚴肅的專業企業程式設計師必讀的書籍。

- 在各個方面進行功能比較
- 包括線程、並發、異常處理、文件系統、網絡和安全性
- 非常適合整合或遷移
- 包含Solaris V2.6和Red Hat Linux Version 6.1