Real World Linux Security: Intrusion Prevention, Detection and Recovery

Bob Toxen

  • 出版商: Prentice Hall
  • 出版日期: 2000-11-30
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0130281875
  • ISBN-13: 9780130281876
  • 相關分類: Linux資訊安全
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"You have in your hands a book I've been waiting to read for years-a practical, hands-on guide to hardening your Linux system."

—From the foreword by Eric S. Raymond

  • Secure your system, detect an attack, track the cracker, and recover quickly
  • Learn the gory details of securing Web servers and Sendmail
  • Explore e-commerce issues, Trojan Horses, GPG and more
  • Step-by-step guide to installing and using key security tools
"A comprehensive guide to system security-covers everything from hardening a system to system-recovery after an attack. "

—Steve Bourne, Creator of the Bourne Shell

Your enemy is coming—are you ready?

It's not a question of "if" but "when." Will you be ready to protect your system when a cracker comes to call? Real World Linux Security goes beyond the books that merely detail system vulnerabilities; it offers system administrators practical solutions for safeguarding Linux systems and actively responding to break-in attempts. Veteran Bob Toxen shows you how to know your enemies and stop them at the front gate, before they can damage your system.

The hands-on guide to protecting your Linux data—and yourself

  • 7 "deadly sins of Linux security"
  • Set up effective firewalls
  • Break-in case studies
  • Develop internal security policies
  • Block spam
  • Recover quickly from an intrusion

About the CD-ROM

The accompanying CD contains original software that locks out crackers and alerts system administrators. In addition, it includes programs that monitor system health and report suspicious activities, detect network sniffers, and speed backup and recovery.

About the Author

Bob Toxen has 26 years of UNIX/Linux experience, and is one of the 168 recognized developers of Berkeley UNIX. He learned about security as a student at UC Berkeley, when he played for "the other team," successfully cracking several of the original UNIX systems there. He is president of Fly-By-Day Consulting, specializing in Linux security, client/server creation, system administration, porting, and C programming.

Technical Reviewers

  • Kurt Seifried, Sr. Analyst, SecurityPortal
  • Dr. Indira Moyer, Consultant
  • Larry Gee, Architect, ApplianceWare
  • Michael Warfield, Sr. Wizard X-Force, Internet Security Systems
  • Stephen Friedl, Consultant
  • Mike O'Shaughnessy, Quarry Technologies


- Eric S. Raymond的前言

- 安全保護你的系統,偵測攻擊,追蹤駭客,並快速恢復
- 學習保護Web伺服器和Sendmail的詳細內容
- 探索電子商務問題、木馬程式、GPG等等
- 逐步指南,教你安裝和使用關鍵的安全工具

- Steve Bourne,Bourne Shell的創造者

這不是一個「是否」的問題,而是「何時」的問題。當駭客來訪時,你準備好保護你的系統嗎?《真實世界的Linux安全》不僅僅是列出系統漏洞的書籍,它為系統管理員提供了實際的解決方案,以保護Linux系統並積極應對入侵嘗試。資深專家Bob Toxen向你展示如何了解你的敵人,並在他們進入系統之前將其阻擋在大門外,以免損壞你的系統。

- 7個「致命的」Linux安全錯誤
- 設置有效的防火牆
- 入侵案例研究
- 制定內部安全政策
- 阻擋垃圾郵件
- 從入侵中快速恢復


Bob Toxen擁有26年的UNIX/Linux經驗,是Berkeley UNIX的168位認可開發者之一。他在加州大學伯克利分校的學生時期,作為「另一方」成功破解了幾個原始UNIX系統,從而學習了安全知識。他是Fly-By-Day Consulting的總裁,專門從事Linux安全、客戶/伺服器創建、系統管理、移植和C編程。

- Kurt Seifried,高級分析師,SecurityPortal
- Dr. Indira Moyer,顧問
- Larry Gee,架構師,ApplianceWare
- Michael Warfield,X-Force高級巫師,Internet Security Systems
- Stephen Friedl,顧問
- Mike O'Shaughnessy,Quarry Technologies