The Holy Grail of Network Storage Management

Jon William Toigo

  • 出版商: Prentice Hall
  • 出版日期: 2003-10-27
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0130284165
  • ISBN-13: 9780130284167
  • 相關分類: Information-management
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The Holy Grail of Network Storage Management, by noted IT veteran and author Jon William Toigo, is a comprehensive, vendor-neutral guide to networked storage management. The book gives consumers straight information on the business value of current products and technologies, and describes how to make informed purchases that will help realize current and strategic goals. This book is intended for storage administrators, IT decision-makers and architects, financial investors examining the storage industry, and vendors who are seeking to meet customer requirements with solutions that deliver measurable business value.

Table of Contents

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1. Introduction.

Conspiracy Theory. The Storage Industry: Fear of Standards and Commoditization. Another Industry Concern: The Rise of a Dominant Player. The Road to Unification? Yesterday's Resellers, Tomorrow's Competitors. About This Book. Endnotes.
2. The Data Explosion and Matters of the Disk.

The Data Explosion Myth. Deconstructing the Data Explosion Myth. Fact and Fiction in Networked Storage. From Evolution to Revolution: The Myth of the Fibre Channel SAN. Endnotes.

3. 21st Century Oxymorons: Jumbo Shrimp and Fibre Channel SAN.

SANs and Capacity Allocation Efficiency. The "V" Word. Capacity Utilization Efficiency: Another Grail. What About Management? Conclusion. Endnotes.

4. Sanity Check on IP SANs.

IP SANs and Metcalfe's Law. What, When, and Where ISCSI. Why IP SANs? Conclusion.

5. The Quest for Networked Storage: Many Roads to Rome.

The Zen Riddle of Storage Networking. Block and File. NAS/SAN Hybrids. Conclusion. Endnotes.

6. Making Storage Platforms Smarter.

The Sources of Storage Infrastructure Value. Barriers to Growth in Disk and Consequences for Platform Decision Making. Media Materials Are Key. Capacity Versus Performance and Other Economic Realities. Economic Realities. Back to Architecture. Disk and Array Selection Criteria. Storage Intelligence Begins With Informed and Pragmatic Device Decisions. Endnotes.

7. Virtualization:Still a Dirty Word?

A Brief Overview of Virtualization in IT. SANs and Virtualization. Host Software-Based Virtualization. “In-Band” Virtualization. Out-of-Band Virtualization. Array Controller-Based Virtualization. Are Switches the New Virtualization Platform? Back to Reality. Endnotes.

8. Squeezing Real Value from Storage.

What is Capacity Utilization Efficiency? Hierarchical Storage Management. A Brief Overview of Storage Resource Management Architecture. Product-Centric Management. Infrastructure-Centric or Storage Resource Management (SRM). Application-Centric Management. Data-Centric Storage Management. Not Speculation. In the Absence of a Data-Centric Storage Management Solution. Endnotes.

9. Final Word: Tape is Dead…Maybe.

Data Protection. The Backup Versus Mirror Debate. Tape is Not a Panacea. Mirroring is Not a Silver Bullet. Enhanced Backup Options Exist. Attacking Backup Time. DDT: Not the Pesticide, The Other DDT. Saving Restore Time. The Bottom Line About Bolt-Ons. Endnotes.

10. The Cone of Silence.

A Security Capability for Storage. The Three A's of Security. Which is More Secure: IP or Fibre Channel? Burgeoning Technologies. Storage Encryption. Adapting Other Security Concepts to Storage. Conclusion. Endnotes.

11. Conclusion: Joining the Quest for the Holy Grail.

The Solution is Out There. Professionalism, Pragmatism, and Cosumerism. What is to be Done? Endnotes.




《網絡存儲管理的聖杯》是由知名IT老將和作家Jon William Toigo撰寫的一本全面的、供應商中立的網絡存儲管理指南。該書為消費者提供有關當前產品和技術的商業價值的直接信息,並描述了如何做出明智的購買,以實現當前和戰略目標。本書面向存儲管理員、IT決策者和架構師、研究存儲行業的金融投資者,以及希望通過提供可衡量的商業價值解決方案來滿足客戶需求的供應商。

1. 簡介
2. 數據爆炸和磁盤問題
3. 21世紀的矛盾:大蝦和光纖通道存儲區域網
4. IP存儲區域網的合理性檢查
5. 尋找網絡存儲的方法:通往羅馬的多條道路
6. 使存儲平台更智能
7. 虛擬化:仍然是個污詞嗎?
8. 從存儲中獲取真正的價值
9. 最後的結論:磁帶已死...也許
10. 沉默的錐形