XML How to Program (IE-Paperback)

Harvey M. Deitel, Paul J. Deitel, Tem R. Nieto, Ted Lin, Praveen Sadhu

  • 出版商: Prentice Hall
  • 出版日期: 2000-12-31
  • 售價: $1,102
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 1008
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0130284173
  • ISBN-13: 9780130284174
  • 相關分類: XML
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The authoritative DEITEL LIVE-CODE introduction to
XML-based systemds development.

This new book by the world's leading programming-language textbook authors carefully explains XML-based systems development, including programming multi-tier, client/server, databaseoriented, Internet and World-Wide-Web-based applications.

Dr. Harvey M. Deitel and Paul J. Deitel are the principals of Deitel & Associates, Inc., the internationally recognized corporate training and content-creation organization specializing in Java, C++, C, C#, Visual Basic®, XML, Python, Perl, ASP, Internet, World Wide Web and object technologies. The Deitels are also the authors of the world's #1 Java and C++ textbooks, Java How to Program, 3/e and C++ How to Program, 3/e.

In XML How to Program, the Deitels and their colleagues, Tern R. Nieto, Ted Lin and Praveen Sadhu discuss topics you need to build complete, working XML-based systems including:

  • DTD/Schema/Parsers
  • DOM (Document Object Model)
  • SAX 1/SAX 2 (Simple API for XML)
  • XPath/XLink/Namespaces
  • XBase/Xlnclude/XPointer/XSL
  • XSLT/XSL Formatting Objects
  • Perl/CGI/Active Server Pages
  • Java Servlets/Topic Maps
  • SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)/X3D
  • WML (Wireless Markup Language)
  • WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative)
  • XForms/Cocoon/VoiceXML
  • MathML/OpenMath/XBRL/SMIL
  • CML (Chemical ML)/BML (Bean ML)
  • Intros to BizTalk/SOAP/CDF/RDF

XML How to Program includes extensive pedagogic features:

  • Hundreds of "live-code" programs with screen captures that show exact outputs
  • Extensive World Wide Web and Internet resources to encourage further research
  • Programming tips, recommended practices and cautions—all marked with icons

XML How to Program is the centerpiece of a complete family of resources for teaching and learning how to build real, working XML-based systems, including Web sites (www.deitel.com and www.prenhall.com/deitel) with the book's code examples and other information for faculty, students and professionals; optional interactive CDROM (XML Multimedia Cyber Classroom) containing thousands of hyperlinks, text search, audio walkthroughs of the hundreds of code examples and solutions to about half the exercises in the book—and e-mail access to the authors at deitel@deitel.com

For information on worldwide corporate on-site seminars and Webbased training offered by Deitel & Associates, Inc., visit: www.deitel.com

For information on current and forthcoming Deitel/Prentice Hall publications including How to Program Series books, Multimedia Cyber Classrooms, Complete Training Courses (that include Deitel books and Cyber Classrooms) and Web-Based Training Courses please see the last few pages of this book.


「XML How to Program」是由世界領先的程式語言教科書作者Dr. Harvey M. Deitel和Paul J. Deitel所撰寫的權威DEITEL LIVE-CODE介紹XML系統開發的書籍。本書詳細解釋了基於XML的系統開發,包括多層、客戶端/伺服器、資料庫導向、網際網路和全球資訊網應用程式的程式設計。Dr. Harvey M. Deitel和Paul J. Deitel是Deitel & Associates, Inc.的負責人,這是一家國際知名的企業培訓和內容創作組織,專門從事Java、C++、C、C#、Visual Basic、XML、Python、Perl、ASP、網際網路、全球資訊網和物件技術的培訓。Deitel夫婦也是世界上最暢銷的Java和C++教科書《Java How to Program, 3/e》和《C++ How to Program, 3/e》的作者。

在《XML How to Program》中,Deitel夫婦和他們的同事Tern R. Nieto、Ted Lin和Praveen Sadhu討論了構建完整、可運行的基於XML系統所需的主題,包括:
- DTD/Schema/Parsers
- DOM(文件物件模型)
- SAX 1/SAX 2(簡單XML應用程式介面)
- XPath/XLink/Namespaces
- XBase/Xlnclude/XPointer/XSL
- XSLT/XSL格式化物件
- Perl/CGI/Active Server Pages
- Java Servlets/Topic Maps
- SVG(可縮放向量圖形)/X3D
- WML(無線標記語言)
- WAI(網際網路可訪問性倡議)
- XForms/Cocoon/VoiceXML
- MathML/OpenMath/XBRL/SMIL
- CML(化學ML)/BML(Bean ML)
- BizTalk/SOAP/CDF/RDF介紹

《XML How to Program》包含豐富的教學特色:
- 數百個具有屏幕截圖的「現場程式碼」範例,顯示確切的輸出結果
- 大量的網際網路和全球資訊網資源,鼓勵進一步研究
- 程式設計提示、推薦實踐和注意事項,均以圖示標記

《XML How to Program》是一個完整的教學和學習資源系列的核心,用於教授和學習如何構建真實、可運行的基於XML的系統,包括網站(www.deitel.com和www.prenhall.com/deitel),提供本書的程式碼範例和其他教材資訊,適用於教師、學生和專業人士;可選的互動式CD-ROM(XML Multimedia Cyber Classroom),包含數千個超連結、文字搜索、數百個程式碼範例的音頻導覽以及書中約一半習題的解答;以及與作者的電子郵件聯繫(deitel@deitel.com)。

有關Deitel & Associates, Inc.提供的全球企業現場研討會和網絡培訓的信息,請訪問:www.deitel.com。

有關Deitel/Prentice Hall目前和即將出版的書籍,包括How to Program Series書籍、Multimedia Cyber Classrooms、Complete Training Courses(包括Deitel書籍和Cyber Classrooms)和Web-Based Training Courses的信息,請參閱本書的最後幾頁。