Counter Hack : A Step-by-Step Guide to Computer Attacks and Effective Defenses (Paperback)

Edward Skoudis




The Next Generation Hacker Book

The step-by-step guide to defending against hacker intrusions!

  • Defend against today's most powerful hacker attacks!
  • Hands-on, step-by-step techniques for UNIX/Linux and Windows environments
  • Intrusion detection: New evasion techniques—and countermeasures
  • By the security expert who demonstrated hacking to the U.S. Senate!

This easy-to-use, step-by-step guide will empower network and system administrators to defend their information and computing assets—whether or not they have security experience. In Counter Hack, leading network security expert Edward Skoudis presents comprehensive, insider's explanations of today's most destructive hacker tools and tactics-and specific, proven countermeasures for both UNIX and Windows environments. Skoudis covers all this and more:

  • Know your adversary: from script kiddies to elite attackers
  • A hacker's view of networks, TCP/IP protocols, and their vulnerabilities
  • Five phases of hacking: reconnaissance, scanning, gaining access, maintaining access, and preventing detection
  • The most dangerous and widespread attack scenarios—explained in depth
  • Key hacker tools: port scanners, firewall scanners, sniffers, session hijackers, RootKits, and more
  • How hackers build elegant attacks from simple building blocks
  • Detecting and preventing IP spoofing, covert channels, denial of service attacks, and other key attacks
  • How hackers cover their tracks—and how you can uncover their handiwork
  • A preview of tomorrow's hacker tools, attacks, and countermeasures

Whatever your role in protecting network infrastructure and data, Counter Hack delivers proven solutions you can implement right now—and long-term strategies that will improve security for years to come.


《下一代駭客書籍》是一本逐步指南,教導如何防禦駭客入侵!本書提供了對抗當今最強大駭客攻擊的實用技巧,適用於UNIX/Linux和Windows環境。內容包括入侵檢測、新的逃避技術及對策,以及作者向美國參議院展示駭客攻擊的安全專家。無論是否具有安全經驗,這本易於使用的逐步指南將使網絡和系統管理員能夠保護其信息和計算資產。在《Counter Hack》中,領先的網絡安全專家Edward Skoudis提供了對當今最具破壞性的駭客工具和策略的全面內部解釋,以及針對UNIX和Windows環境的具體、可行的對策。Skoudis涵蓋了以下內容:了解對手:從腳本小子到精英攻擊者;駭客對網絡、TCP/IP協議及其漏洞的觀點;駭客攻擊的五個階段:偵察、掃描、獲取訪問權限、維持訪問權限和防止檢測;深入解釋最危險和最廣泛的攻擊場景;關鍵駭客工具:端口掃描器、防火牆掃描器、嗅探器、會話劫持器、RootKits等;駭客如何從簡單的組件構建優雅的攻擊;檢測和防止IP欺騙、隱蔽通道、阻斷服務攻擊和其他關鍵攻擊;駭客如何掩蓋自己的蹤跡,以及如何發現他們的作品;未來駭客工具、攻擊和對策的預覽。無論您在保護網絡基礎設施和數據方面的角色如何,《Counter Hack》都提供了可以立即實施的解決方案,以及長期的安全策略,將改善多年的安全性。