Mentoring Object Technology Projects (Paperback)

Richard T. Dué

  • 出版商: Prentice Hall
  • 出版日期: 2002-01-22
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 288
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0130347906
  • ISBN-13: 9780130347909
  • 相關分類: 專案管理 PMObject-oriented
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  • Proven leadership techniques for successful object-oriented development
  • Best practices for planning, staffing, organization, and project supervision
  • Life cycle approaches to maximizing object reuse and ROI
  • Easy-to-implement solutions that work with any project, development environment, or methodology

Object technology can help IT organizations achieve unprecedented flexibility, speed to market, and ROI. However, managing object technology projects successfully requires new skills and techniques that many participants simply don't possess. In Mentoring Object Technology Projects, one of the world's leading object development consultants presents a complete life cycle framework for managing any object-based project. Drawing on his consulting experience in 28 countries, Richard T. Dué covers every facet of project management, including planning, estimating, staffing, organization, implementation, ongoing supervision, and more. Coverage includes:

  • Why traditional IT project management approaches do not work in object-based environments
  • The critical success factors in object project management
  • Exclusive "rule-of-thumb" metrics for estimating and monitoring object technology projects
  • Building realistic project schedules
  • Objective evaluations of today's leading methodologies, including the Unified and OPEN approaches
  • Includes templates and techniques you can apply immediately to manage object-oriented projects from start to finish

Whether you're an "in-the-trenches" project manager, an IT executive, planner, developer, or IT client, these are the object technology best practices you need to succeed-no matter what your project, language, tools, notation, or methodology.

Table of Contents

1. Object Engineering: A New Approach to Information Technology.
2. The Information Technology Productivity Challenge.
3. Planning for Object Technology Productivity.
4. Managing Object Technology Projects.
5. Organizing and Directing Object Technology Projects.
6. Business Processing Reengineering.
7. Object Engineering Methodology.
8. Object Engineering Techniques.
9. Object Engineering Tools.
10. An Object Engineering Example.
11. Getting Started: Implementation Guidelines.
12. Future Developments.


「指導物件技術專案」是一本由世界領先的物件開發顧問之一 Richard T. Dué 所撰寫的書籍,提供了一個完整的生命週期框架,用於管理任何基於物件的專案。作者根據自己在28個國家的顧問經驗,涵蓋了專案管理的各個方面,包括計劃、估算、人員配置、組織、實施、持續監督等。本書的內容包括:

- 在基於物件的環境中,傳統的IT專案管理方法為何不適用
- 物件專案管理的關鍵成功因素
- 用於估算和監控物件技術專案的獨家「經驗法則」指標
- 建立實際可行的專案進度表
- 對當今主流方法論(包括統一方法和OPEN方法)的客觀評估
- 提供可立即應用於從頭到尾管理物件導向專案的範本和技巧


- 導論
- 第一章:物件工程:一種新的資訊技術方法
- 第二章:資訊技術生產力挑戰
- 第三章:為物件技術生產力進行規劃
- 第四章:管理物件技術專案
- 第五章:組織和指導物件技術專案
- 第六章:業務處理再造
- 第七章:物件工程方法論
- 第八章:物件工程技術
- 第九章:物件工程工具
- 第十章:物件工程實例
- 第十一章:入門指南:實施準則
- 第十二章:未來發展
- 索引