Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk, 4/e (Paperback)

Brent Welch, Ken Jones

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  • 出版日期: 2003-06-10
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  • ISBN-13: 9780130385604
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The classic bestseller on Tcl/Tk — and the most complete reference — has been updated to version 8.4.

  • Previous edition sold over 20,000 copies domestically - 30,000 worldwide.
  • Updated for Tcl/Tk 8.4-comprehensive and accurate coverage of every Tcl and Tk command.
  • CD-ROM includes all code plus binary distributions of Tcl/Tk, Tcl extentions and tools.
Practical Programming in Tcl/Tk is described as the "bible" for Tcl programmers. It is a guide to the Tcl/Tk programming language and GUI toolkit. This revision includes substantial updates to cover the new version 8.4-giving both an overview of the features, as well as details about every command in the language. The third edition, written on version 8.2, sold over 30,000 copies. Version 8.4 of Tcl - Tool Command Language-provides substantial updates to one of the most popular UNIX scripting languages. The latest release, includes the addition of a virtual filesystem (VFS), many additional programming widgets (spinbox, panedwindow, labelframe),and improved performance of about 20% over 8.3. The book provides a guide to the best ways to use the tooklit. It not only gives accurate details, but includes extensive examples that demonstrate the best way to use the toolkit. The authors are experts that have both developed the technology and used it to solve problems, so they have many valuable insights to relate to the readers.

Brent Welch is a software architect at Panasas, and former research engineer at Sun Microsystems and Xerox PARC. He has been involved in Tcl and Tk from the early beginnings, and developed major Tcl applications including the exmh email user interface and the TclHttpd web server. His home page is Ken Jones is a Silicon Valley Tcl/Tk instructor and frequent speaker at industry Tcl/Tk conferences.

Table of Contents

List of Examples.
List of Tables.

I. Tcl Basics.

1. Tcl Fundamentals.
2. Getting Started.
3. The Guestbook CGI Application.
4. String Processing in Tcl.
5. Tcl Lists.
6. Control Structure Commands.
7. Procedures and Scope.
8. Tcl Arrays.
9. Working with Files and Programs.

II. Advanced Tcl.

10. Quoting Issues and Eval.
11. Regular Expressions.
12. Script Libraries and Packages.
13. Reflection and Debugging.
14. Namespaces.
15. Internationalization.
16. Event-Driven Programming.
17. Socket Programming.
18. TclHttpd Web Server.
19. Multiple Interpreters and Safe-Tcl.
20. Safe-Tk and the Browser Plugin.
21. Multi-Threaded Tcl Scripts.
22. Tclkit and Starkits.

III. Tk Basics.

23. Tk Fundamentals.
24. Tk by Example.
25. The Pack Geometry Manager.
26. The Grid Geometry Manager.
27. The Place Geometry Manager.
28. The Panedwindow Widget.
29. Binding Commands to Events.

IV. Tk Widgets.

30. Buttons and Menus.
31. The Resource Database.
32. Simple Tk Widgets.
33. Scrollbars.
34. The Entry and Spinbox Widgets.
35. The Listbox Widget.
36. The Text Widget.
37. The Canvas Widget.

V. Tk Details.

38. Selections and the Clipboard.
39. Focus, Grabs, and Dialogs.
40. Tk Widget Attributes.
41. Color, Images, and Cursors.
42. Fonts and Text Attributes.
43. Send.
44. Window Managers and Window Information.
45. Managing User Preferences.
46. A User Interface to Bindings.

VI. C Programming.

47. C Programming and Tcl.
48. Compiling Tcl and Extensions.
49. Writing a Tk Widget in C.
50. C Library Overview.

VII. Changes.

51. Tcl 74/Tk 40.
52. Tcl 75/Tk 41.
53. Tcl 76/Tk 42.
54. Tcl/Tk 80.
55. Tcl/Tk 81.
56. Tcl/Tk 82.
57. Tcl/Tk 83.
58. Tcl/Tk 84.
59. About The CD-ROM.
List of Examples.
Library Overview.
List of Tables.