Web Programming in Python: Techniques for Integrating Linux, Apache and MySQL (Paperback)

George K. Thiruvathukal, Thomas W. Christopher, John P. Shafaee

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Enterprise-class open source Web development — step-by-step, start-to-finish!

  • Build production-quality Web applications with Python and open source technology
  • Includes in-depth coverage of Python's intrinsic support for CGI programming
  • Demonstrates efficient template processing using a powerful yet simple module known as the Write Processor
  • Contains complete tutorials on Python, Apache Web Server, and MySQL
  • Features start-to-finish Web application case studies based on Slither, a new Python-based portal application development platform

Python is 100% enterprise ready, with powerful database, network, and Internet support. Now there's a book that shows you Python at work in a real enterprise environment. Web Programming in Python demonstrates exactly how to build robust, Web-based systems that integrate Python with three powerful open source technologies: Linux, Apache, and MySQL. Coverage includes all this, and more:

  • Self-contained Python tutorial: from the basics to advanced object-oriented and metaprogramming techniques
  • Fundamentals of Web development in Linux environments, covering file systems, processes, networking, and HTTP (the protocol of the web)
  • Network setup and Apache configuration, including the configuration of Secure Sockets Layer to support HTTPS
  • Python CGI programming: generating clean HTML code without unnecessary complexity and techniques for separating HTML from your business logic
  • An effective logging framework to support server-side debugging without using a debugger
  • MySQL: An immersive introduction to SQL and the book modules to integrate data access in your applications
  • Object-oriented techniques for form processing and powerful template processing using the Write Processor module

In an extensive case study section, you'll discover the new open source Slither Application Development Framework, and use it to build two powerful collaboration and e-commerce applications.

If you're ready to use Python and open source in a real production environment, one book delivers the techniques and code you're looking for: Web Programming in Python.