Sun Cluster 3 Programming: Integrating Applications into the SunPlex Environment

Joseph Bianco, Peter Lees, Kevin Rabito

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Customize Applications for Maximum Availability in Sun Cluster Environments

The Sun Cluster 3 environment offers developers and administrators a powerful API for creating custom "data services" that maximize the availability and enhance the horizontal scalability of many enterprise applications. Now, here's an authoritative tutorial and reference to building custom data services with the Sun Cluster 3 API. In Sun Cluster 3 Programming, three leading Sun Cluster experts systematically review the tools, programming interfaces, and features that make custom data services possible. Then, through a series of step-by-step examples, they demonstrate how to ensure that applications can recover smoothly from even the most serious failures.

This book

  • Reviews every facet of "availability" and what it takes to make software available
  • Provides extensive easy-to-understand code examples, all available for download
  • Covers all areas of agent development, from quick basics to advanced techniques
  • Covers all the APIs provided with Sun Cluster 3
  • Walks step-by-step through making existing applications available, scalable, and cluster-aware

Until now, this information has been available only in a three-day Sun training course. Now, with the help of Sun's in-house experts, you have all the information you need to build Sun Cluster 3 custom applications that deliver unprecedented levels of application availability.



Table of Contents:

1. Introduction.

    Clusters and High Availability.

    High Availability.


2. Introducing Sun Cluster 3.

    Feature Set of Sun Cluster.

    Sun Cluster Framework.


3. Getting Started.

    Up and Running.

    Preparing the Cluster.

    Creating an Agent with the GDS.



4. Planning for Development.

    The Importance of Planning.

    Qualifying an Application.

    Getting Around Requirements.

    Determining Scope.

    Gathering Application Information.

    Choosing a Tool.

    Choosing a Language.


5. Developing with the SunPlex Agent Builder.

    Installing the SunPlex Agent Builder.

    Preparing Apache and the Cluster.

    Using the Agent Builder GUI.

    Installing and Controlling the Agent.

    Using the Command-Line Tools.

    Advanced Topics.


6. Understanding the RGM.

    The Callback Model.

    Sun Cluster API Callback Methods.

    Callback Definitions.

    Life Cycles for Resource Types.

    Creating Resource Types.

    Using Callback Methods.


7. Programming with the RMAPI.


    Overview of the RMAPI.

    Access Methods.

    Get Methods.

    Utility Methods.

    Data Types.


8. Managing Processes.


    Process Monitor Facility.

    Time-Based Process Management.

    File Locking.


9. Using the DSDL.

    Introduction to the DSDL.

    Using the DSDL.

    DSDL Functions.


10. Developing for Existing Applications.


    System Environment.

    Example Applications.

    Project Creation.

    Developing Callback Methods.

    Deploying the Agent.


11. Writing Scalable Services.

    Benefits of Scalable Services.

    Sun Cluster Facilities for Scalable Services.

    Developer Responsibilities.

    Developing a New Application to Be Scalable.

    Remote Shared Memory.


12. Using Remote Shared Memory.

    Introduction to RSM.

    The RSMAPI.

    Traps and Tricks.


13. Developing Cluster-Aware Applications.

    Cluster Aware versus Non-Cluster Aware.



Appendix A. Resources.

Appendix B. RMAPI.

Appendix C. Data Service Development Library.

Appendix D. Process Utilities.

Appendix E. CRNP.




在Sun Cluster環境中自訂應用程式以實現最大可用性

Sun Cluster 3環境為開發人員和管理員提供了一個強大的API,用於創建自訂的“數據服務”,以實現許多企業應用程式的最大可用性和水平擴展性。現在,這是一本權威的教程和參考,用於使用Sun Cluster 3 API構建自訂的數據服務。在《Sun Cluster 3 Programming》中,三位領先的Sun Cluster專家系統地回顧了使自訂數據服務成為可能的工具、編程接口和功能。然後,通過一系列的逐步示例,他們演示了如何確保應用程式可以平穩地從最嚴重的故障中恢復。

- 回顧了“可用性”的各個方面以及使軟體可用所需的要素
- 提供了大量易於理解的程式碼示例,可供下載
- 涵蓋了從基礎知識到高級技巧的所有代理開發領域
- 涵蓋了Sun Cluster 3提供的所有API
- 逐步介紹如何使現有應用程式可用、可擴展和集群感知

迄今為止,這些信息只在為期三天的Sun培訓課程中提供。現在,有了Sun內部專家的幫助,您擁有了構建Sun Cluster 3自訂應用程式的所有所需信息,這些應用程式提供了前所未有的應用程式可用性水平。

1. 簡介
- 集群和高可用性
- 高可用性
- 摘要
2. Sun Cluster 3介紹
- Sun Cluster的功能集
- Sun Cluster框架
- 摘要
3. 入門
- 開始運行
- 準備集群
- 使用GDS創建代理
- 摘要