Web Development with Oracle Portals

Mohamed El-Mallah

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  • 出版日期: 2001-10-12
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 624
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  • ISBN: 0130600377
  • ISBN-13: 9780130600370
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The authoritative guide to Web development with Oracle Portal.

  • The authoritative guide to Oracle Portal 3.0!
  • Complete lifecycle coverage: planning, development, deployment, and administration
  • Installation, tuning, and troubleshooting O9iAS/Portal on Windows and Unix
  • Building Portlets, PL/SQL and Java providers, even advanced PDK programming
  • Integrating Forms, Reports, interMedia Text, LDAP OiD, Dynamic Services, and supporting SSL in Oracle9iAS Portal
  • Includes the complete export of the demo application and the source code on CD-ROM. The book demo application is live on the Web.

This is the first complete guide to building Web applications with Oracle Portal 3.0 for Windows NT/2000 and Linux. Oracle Portal specialist Mohamed El-Mallah covers the entire development lifecycle, from product installation through configuration, capacity planning, development, integration, deployment, and administration. Through a start-to-finish case study, El-Mallah introduces every key concept and technique Oracle Web developers and Oracle9i Application Server administrators need to master, including:

  • Why you need a portal—and how Oracle Portal helps you build one
  • Oracle9iAS/Portal architecture and installation on Windows 2000 and UNIX
  • Building application components and content areas
  • Publishing portlets and building Portal pages
  • Creating effective portal navigation and user interfaces
  • Utilizing PL/SQL, Java Servlets, JSP, and XML in building database and web providers
  • Enhancing your Portals with JavaScript
  • Understanding the Oracle Portal's security model
  • Using O9iAS/Portal administration and migration tools
  • Advanced Portlet programming with the Portal Development Kit (PDK)
  • Integrating Oracle forms, Oracle reports, and interMedia Text in Oracle Portal
  • Installation and development FAQs

You'll find this book invaluable whether you're a beginning Oracle developer; upgrading from WebDB; an experienced Oracle Portal developer seeking to master version 3.0's powerful new features; or an Oracle DBA responsible for configuring, tuning, or managing your Oracle 9i Application Server/Portal.


The accompanying CD-ROM contains the demo application export and source code.

Table of Contents



1. Introduction to Portals.

Introduction. Why Do You Need a Portal? What Is an EIP? Why Oracle Portal? Oracle internet Application Server. Oracle Portal Architecture. Portal Development Cycle.

2. Installing Oracle9i Application Server and Configuring Oracle Portal on Microsoft Windows NT/2000.

Introduction. Getting Prepared. Database Installation. Configuring a Database for Oracle Portal. Oracle Portal Installation.

3. Building Your First Portal.

Introduction. Creating Your First Page. Displaying Oracle Portal Pages.

4. Oracle Portal Navigator.

Introduction. Pages Navigation. Content Areas Navigation. Applications Navigation. Database Objects Navigation.


5. Forms and Reports.

Introduction. What Is an Application Component? Create a New Schema. Create a New Application. Create a Form Component. Create a Report Component.

6. Charts, Calendars, Dynamic Pages, Hierarchies, Menus, and Frame Drivers.

Introduction. Create a Chart Component. Create a Calendar. Create a Dynamic Page. Create a Hierarchy. Create a Menu. Create a Frame Driver.

7. Links, List of Values, and Shared Components.

Introduction. Create a Link. Create a List of Values. Shared Components.

8. Introduction to Content Areas.

Introduction. What Is a Content Area? Create Your First Content Area. Create Your First Item. Create Your First Folder. Publishing Folders. Content Area Page. Default Items Types and Attributes. Extending Item Types.

9. Content Area Administration.

Introduction. Default Folder Types. Creating Custom Folder Types. Oracle Portal Search. Publishing Categories. Publishing Perspectives. Basic Search. Advanced Search. Publishing a Search Portlet. Navigation Bar. Content Area Styles.


10. Event Handling.

Introduction. JavaScript in Oracle Portal. PL/SQL Event Handling. Accessing Form Items in JavaScript. Introduction to JavaScript.

11. Advanced Page Customization.

Introduction. Create a Page Layout. Create a Page Style. Creating Pages.

12. Security in Oracle Portal.

Introduction. User Account Information. Portal Security Architecture. Content Area Security. Folder Security. Item Level Security. Navigation Bar Security. Page Security. Portal Applications Security. Application Components Security. Portlets Security.

13. Building PL/SQL Database Providers.

Introduction. Portlet Implementations. Portlet Provider Tasks. Provider Development Life Cycle. PL/SQL Database Providers. Create Your First PL/SQL Database Provider.

14. Advanced Portlet Programming.

Introduction. Portlet HTML Display Guidelines. Portal Framework Services.

15. Portal Development Kit and Web Providers.

Introduction. The Portal Development Kit. The Web Provider Architecture. Implementing a Web Portlet Using Java Servlets. Implementing a Web Portlet using JSP.

16. Integrating Oracle Products into Oracle9iAS Portal.

Introduction. Integrating Oracle9iAS Forms. Installing and Configuring O9iAS Form Services. Creating a Content Area for the Form. Add the Form Portlet to a Page. Integrating Oracle9iAS Reports. Installing and Configuring O9iAS Report Services. Integration Discoverer. Oracle Internet Directory LDAP Authentication. Configuring O9iAS Portal for External Authentication.


17. Installing Oracle9iAS and Configuring Oracle Portal on Unix.

Introduction. Database Installation. O9i AS Installation.

18. Oracle Portal Administration and Migration.

Introduction. Administration Scripts. Oracle Portal Migration. Dynamic Services in Oracle Portal.

19. Scaling and Tuning Oracle9iAS Portal.

Introduction. Distributed Oracle Portal Installation. O9iAS Performance Tuning.


20. Installation and Configuration.


21. Development.



Appendix A: Oracle Portal Glossary.
Appendix B: Importing the CD-ROM Portal Application, Content Area, and Page.

Introduction. Installation Steps. Installation and Troubleshooting Tips.