Introduction to the Public Key Infrastructure for the Internet

Messaoud Benantar

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  • 出版日期: 2001-12-11
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 272
  • 裝訂: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 0130609277
  • ISBN-13: 9780130609274
  • 相關分類: 資訊安全Computer-networks
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The practical, results-focused PKI primer for every security developer and IT manager.

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and related standards give you powerful new ways to solve your toughest e-commerce and Internet security problems. Now there's a comprehensive PKI primer for both technical and nontechnical professionals. IBM security expert Messaoud Benantar delivers the in-depth guidance developers and managers need to make PKI work, including coverage of important related topics such as ASN.1 and PKCS. From start to finish, Benantar focuses on getting results—and on answering your most critical questions about PKI deployment, operation, and administration. Coverage includes:

  • The fundamentals of secret and public key cryptography
  • The challenge of key distribution, and the central role of public key assurance systems
  • Using PKIX to build secure Internet systems
  • Understanding the PKIX notational language, data encoding scheme, and topology
  • Implementing effective PKI trust models
  • Using LDAP as an Internet repository for PKIX
  • Certificate validation, credentials management, and key rollover issues

Benantar's detailed real-world scenarios give developers, administrators, and decision-makers unprecedented insight for deploying effective PKI/PKIX systems. If you plan to use these breakthrough Internet security technologies, there's no better resource.

Table of Contents

1. Secret Key Cryptography.
2.Secret Key Distribution and Management.
3. Public Key Cryptography.
4. Public Key Establishment-the PKIX Way.
5. X.509 Certificate and CRL Extensions.
6. Trust Establishment in PKIX.
7. PKIX Topology and Operational Protocols.
8. PKI Certificate and CRL Repositories.
9. PKI Credentials Management.
10. PKI-Based Security Applications.


這是一本針對安全開發人員和IT經理的實用PKI入門書。公鑰基礎設施(PKI)及其相關標準為您解決最棘手的電子商務和互聯網安全問題提供了強大的新方法。現在,有一本全面的PKI入門書,適用於技術和非技術專業人士。IBM安全專家Messaoud Benantar提供了開發人員和管理人員所需的深入指導,使PKI運作順利,包括對重要相關主題(如ASN.1和PKCS)的涵蓋。Benantar從頭到尾都專注於取得成果,並回答您對PKI部署、運營和管理的最關鍵問題。內容包括:秘密和公鑰加密的基礎知識、密鑰分發的挑戰以及公鑰保證系統的核心作用、使用PKIX構建安全的互聯網系統、理解PKIX的符號語言、數據編碼方案和拓撲結構、實施有效的PKI信任模型、使用LDAP作為PKIX的互聯網存儲庫、證書驗證、憑證管理和密鑰更換問題。Benantar的詳細實際場景為開發人員、管理員和決策者提供了前所未有的洞察力,以部署有效的PKI/PKIX系統。如果您計劃使用這些突破性的互聯網安全技術,這是一個無與倫比的資源。