The Essential Guide to Computer Hardware

Jim Keogh

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  • 出版日期: 2001-08-02
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  • ISBN-13: 9780130620132
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The easy, 100% non-technical introduction to computers and networks!

Don't understand computers? Or Palms, or wireless phones, or digital cameras, or all those other new technologies? You're not alone! Here's your solution: Jim Keogh's easy, math-free, up-to-the-minute introduction to computers and communications. Jim Keogh starts with the elementary school science you need to understand how computers and networks work. From there, you'll follow a clear, easy path to understanding all of today's most important new computer and network technologies—and tomorrow's!

  • How we got here: a brief, easy history of computer hardware
  • A tour of the inside of your PC
  • Computer hardware components: processors, memory, storage, and more
  • Printers: how they work, and which one's right for you
  • Connecting to modems and the Internet
  • Input: from mice and keyboards to graphics tablets and speech recognition
  • All you need to know about audio: sound cards, speakers, headphones, and more
  • Capturing images: digital cameras, Webcams, digital video, and scanners
  • Wireless: cell phones, messaging, PDAs, and notebook PC solutions
  • The computer and Internet business: movers and shakers
  • What's on the horizon: tomorrow's technologies, tomorrow's players

Whether you need to use technology, buy technology, manage technology, or simply understand technology, The Essential Guide to Computer Hardware is your perfect quick-start briefing!

Table of Contents



1. A Look Back.

Reality Check. Nonelectronic Computers. Electronic Computers. Personal Computers. Workstation Computers. Graphical User Interface. The Central Processor Revolution. Summary.

2. An Inside Look at How a Computer Works.

Reality Check. A Tour of the Outside. How Information Is Identified. A Tour of the Inside. How a Computer Works. Inside the Processor. Inside Computer Memory. Summary. Putting It All Together.


3. Motherboards, Memory, and Processors.

Reality Check. The Inside Story of Motherboards. The Inside Story of Memory. The Inside Story on Processors. Summary.

4. Monitors and Video Cards.

Reality Check. Inside Monitors. Inside Video Adapters. Summary.

5. Storage Devices.

Reality Check. Inside Computer Storage. Operating Systems and Disk Drives. Hard Disks. Removable Disks. The Practical Side to Hard Disks. Inside CD Drives. Magneto-Optical Discs. The Practical Side to CD Drives. Inside RAM Storage Devices. Inside Tape Drives. The Practical Side to Tape Drives. Summary.

6. Printers.

Reality Check. Inside Printing. Inside Inkjet Printers. Inside Laser Printers. Inside Impact Printers. Inside Nontraditional Printers. Inside Networked Printers. The Practical Side to Printers. Summary.

7. Modems and Networking.

Reality Check. Inside Modems. Inside the Telephone System. Inside Networking. Sending and Receiving Information over a Network. Inside Network Cards. Summary.

8. Input Devices.

Reality Check. Inside Keyboards. Inside A Mouse. Inside Game Controllers. Inside Graphics Tablets. Inside Speech Recognition. Summary.

9. Audio Devices.

Reality Check. Inside Sound. Inside Sound Cards. Inside Speakers and Headphones. Summary.

10. Digital Cameras and Scanners.

Reality Check. Inside Digital Cameras. Inside Webcam. Inside Digital Video. Inside Scanners. Summary.

11. Wireless and Mobile Devices.

Reality Check. Inside Wireless. Inside Cell Phones. Inside Digital Wireless Services. Inside Messaging. Inside PDAs. Inside Laptops and Notebooks. Inside Mobile Power. Summary. Putting It All Together.


12. Computer Hardware: The Industry.

Reality Check. A Road Map of the Industry. The Assembly Line. Pricing and Profit. Creating Demand. Competition. The Players. Summary.

13. Computer Hardware: The Future of the Industry.

Reality Check. The Common Sense Method of Prediction. Chips, Circuit Boards, and Computing Devices. Storage Devices. Input Devices. Video and Sound Devices. Printing Devices. Communication Devices. Summary.

14. Computer Hardware: Profiles of the Major Players.

Putting It All Together.