Managing High-Intensity Internet Projects

Edward Yourdon

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  • 出版日期: 2001-10-12
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Get results!

The rapid-fire guide to managing high-intensity software projects.

Today's high-intensity, Internet-time projects: they're more than yesterday's management techniques can handle. To succeed, you need to understand what's different, where the pitfalls are, what works, and what doesn't. You need Managing High-Intensity Internet Projects. Legendary IT leader Ed Yourdon delivers instant, practical solutions for key challenges associated with Internet development. You'll discover how to:

  • Manage the brutal negotiations and politics surrounding Internet projects
  • Develop strategies that minimize risk
  • Define requirements that are flexible enough to adapt-and solid enough to work
  • Transform business processes, applications, and infrastructure at the same time
  • Identify tools and technologies that support fast-paced development without compromising your future
  • Maximize the effectiveness and value of your testing processes
  • Realistically monitor your progress and make adjustments fast

Whether you're building B2B or B2C, infrastructure or mobile applications, Managing High-Intensity Internet Projects is your secret weapon-everything you need to deliver outstanding results on Internet time!

Table of Contents

1. Introduction.
2. Project Politics and Negotiations.
3. Business Process Re-engineering.
4. E-Business Strategy.
5. Managing the Software Process.
6. Managing the Requirements Process.
7. Managing the Design and Coding Processes.
8. Managing the Testing Process.
9. Monitoring Project Progress.
10. Managing Risk.
11. Managing the Team.
12. Managing Tools and Technology.
Final Thoughts.




今天的高強度、網路時代的專案:它們超越了昨天的管理技巧所能應付。要成功,您需要了解有何不同之處、陷阱在哪裡、什麼有效、什麼無效。您需要管理高強度網路專案。傳奇資訊科技領袖Ed Yourdon提供即時、實用的解決方案,應對與網路開發相關的關鍵挑戰。您將發現如何:

  • 管理圍繞網路專案的激烈談判和政治

  • 制定最小化風險的策略

  • 定義足夠靈活以適應且堅實運作的需求

  • 同時轉變業務流程、應用程式和基礎架構

  • 識別支援快節奏開發而不損害未來的工具和技術

  • 最大化測試流程的效能和價值

  • 實際監控您的進展並快速調整



1. 簡介。
2. 專案政治和談判。
3. 業務流程再造。
4. 電子商務策略。
5. 管理軟體流程。
6. 管理需求流程。
7. 管理設計和編碼流程。
8. 管理測試流程。
9. 監控專案進展。
10. 管理風險。
11. 管理團隊。
12. 管理工具和技術。