Building LDAP-Enabled Applications with Microsoft's Active Directory and Novell'

Bruce Greenblatt

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  • 出版日期: 2001-12-26
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The only applied guide for LDAP development in Active Directory and NDS environments.

  • LDAP—the open standard for directories
  • Integrate LDAP into your Active Directory and NDS applications
  • Explained by one of the world's top directory authorities!

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is an open, vendor-neutral standard for accessing directory information. Using LDAP, developers can transform directories built in Active Directory and Novell Directory Services (NDS) into extendable, multiplatform, Internet-enabled solutions. In this book, Bruce Greenblatt—one of the world's leading directory experts—shows exactly how to develop custom LDAP solutions in both Active Directory and NDS environments. With examples in Java, and with the near-universal access afforded by LDAP, this book provides the tools you need to make your distributed applications more widely available than ever before.

Greenblatt begins with a discussion of LDAP and how it fits in with Internet standards, then explains LDAP schema design and security concepts. After detailed coverage of LDAP implementations in Active Directory and NDS, and an overview of how to use LDAP with Java, Greenblatt gives a first-hand look at Internet directories in action and walks through three complete application case studies-storage management, e-commerce, and a Web-based chat room. He then demonstrates how to access LDAP-enabled applications using Java servlets, Java applets, and Active Server Pages. Finally, you'll learn about LDAP's limitations (and how to work around them!) and also how to use XML with LDAP. Background information on Internet technologies, networking, and security is provided throughout. You'll learn how

  • LDAP can dramatically increase the reach of your distributed applications
  • To enable LDAP in Active Directory and NDS applications, step by step
  • To integrate LDAP technology into your own applications

This book is designed for Active Directory and NDS software developers, especially those involved with client-server or three-tier software development tools.

Table of Contents



1. Introduction.
2. An Overview of LDAP and the Internet.
3. LDAP Overview.
4. Principles of LDAP Schema Design.
5. LDAP Security.


6. Using an Installation of Active Directory.
7. Using an Installation of Novell's NDS.


8. Building LDAP Programs Using Java.
9. Example LDAP Applications.
10. Limitations of LDAP.
11. LDAP and XML.


這是唯一一本適用於Active Directory和NDS環境中LDAP開發的實用指南。

  • LDAP - 目錄的開放標準

  • 將LDAP整合到您的Active Directory和NDS應用程式中

  • 由世界頂尖目錄專家解說!

輕量級目錄訪問協定(LDAP)是一個開放的、供應商中立的訪問目錄資訊的標準。使用LDAP,開發人員可以將建立在Active Directory和Novell目錄服務(NDS)中的目錄轉換為可擴展、多平台、互聯網化的解決方案。在這本書中,世界頂尖目錄專家Bruce Greenblatt將詳細介紹如何在Active Directory和NDS環境中開發自定義的LDAP解決方案。本書提供了Java示例和LDAP提供的幾乎普遍訪問權限,讓您的分佈式應用程式比以往更廣泛地可用。

Greenblatt首先討論了LDAP及其與互聯網標準的關係,然後解釋了LDAP模式設計和安全概念。在詳細介紹了Active Directory和NDS中的LDAP實現以及如何使用Java與LDAP的概述之後,Greenblatt首次展示了互聯網目錄的實際應用,並通過三個完整的應用案例研究(存儲管理、電子商務和基於Web的聊天室)進行了詳細介紹。然後,他演示了如何使用Java servlets、Java applets和Active Server Pages訪問支持LDAP的應用程式。最後,您將了解LDAP的限制(以及如何解決這些限制!)以及如何在LDAP中使用XML。全書提供了有關互聯網技術、網絡和安全性的背景資訊。您將學到:

  • LDAP如何大幅擴展您的分佈式應用程式的範圍

  • 逐步啟用Active Directory和NDS應用程式中的LDAP

  • 將LDAP技術整合到您自己的應用程式中

本書專為Active Directory和NDS軟體開發人員設計,特別是那些涉及客戶端-伺服器或三層軟體開發工具的人員。




1. 簡介。
2. LDAP和互聯網概述。
3. LDAP概述。
4. LDAP模式設計原則。
5. LDAP安全性。


6. 使用Active Directory安裝。
7. 使用Novell的NDS安裝。


8. 使用Java構建LDAP程式。
9. 示例LDAP應用程式。
10. LDAP的限制。