Core ColdFusion 5 (Paperback)

Eben Hewitt

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  • 出版日期: 2001-10-15
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The project-based guide to enterprise ColdFusion 5 development!

  • Develop serious applications with ColdFusion 5—fast!
  • Practical, project-based coverage delivers skills and code you can use right now
  • Database integration, Flash graphs, XML, wireless development, and much more
  • New ColdFusion 5 features: user-defined functions, query-of-queries, and data-driven graphs
  • Complete, working applications include an e-commerce site, a banner ad management system, a WML address book application, a site search, an intelligent agent, a ColdFusion 5 certification practice test, and much more!
  • Includes complete CFML tag and function reference
  • CD-ROM: 30-day evaluation copies of the latest Macromedia ColdFusion 5 products, plus an unrestricted copy of ColdFusion Express, and all source code

Core ColdFusion 5 is a relentlessly practical, project-focused guide to the specific techniques and skills you need to build serious enterprise applications with ColdFusion 5.

Certified ColdFusion expert Eben Hewitt walks you through constructing and integrating several increasingly complex, real-world applications. Every project delivers critical skills you'd otherwise have to learn through trial and error—and provides rock-solid code you can use in your own projects.

Hewitt's realistic "notes from the field" cut through the hype, helping you jump start your own projects—and build working systems fast. From the fundamentals of CFML to advanced database integration, to building a complete e-commerce site and XML-based content serialization, there's no better book for developers who just want to get the job done.

  • Preparing your ColdFusion environment and installing ColdFusion 5
  • CFML fundamentals: variables, templates, expressions, conditional logic, structures, arrays, lists, and functions
  • Designing and working with relational databases
  • Building a secure application framework and providing for state management and personalization
  • All of the new ColdFusion 5 features: user-defined functions, query-of-queries, and data-driven graphs
  • Deploying ColdFusion applications in wireless environments
  • Includes a complete ColdFusion 5 tag and function reference-plus step-by-step guidance on creating your own custom tags

The accompanying CD-ROM contains completely unrestricted copies of ColdFusion Express and Macrodmedia Flash Toolkit for ColdFusion, all of the book's source code, plus 30-day evaluation copies of all these Macromedia enterprise development tools:

  • ColdFusion 5.0 Enterprise Application Server for Windows, Linux, and Solaris
  • ColdFusion Studio 4.5
  • HomeSite 4.5
  • Macromedia Spectra 1.5 Application Framework
  • JRun Java Server 3.0.1 for Linux and Windows

Table of Contents

1. Getting the Lay of the Land.

What Is ColdFusion? What Can It Do for You? Why ColdFusion? What's New in Macromedia ColdFusion 5? What Difference Does the Macromedia Merger Make?

2. The World Wide Web and HTTP.

What Is the Internet? Application Servers.

3. Preparing Your ColdFusion Environment.

Operating-System Requirements. Hardware Requirements. Choosing a Web Server. Choosing a Data Server. Choosing a Version of ColdFusion 5. Getting ColdFusion 5. What's Next?

4. Installing ColdFusion 5.

Step 1: Checking Installation Requirements. Step 2: License Agreement. Step 3: Customer Information. Step 4: Web Server. Step 5: Choose Destination Path. Step 6: Choose Components to Install. Step 7: Assign Passwords. Step 8: Confirm Selections. Step 9: Install Files. What ColdFusion Installs on Your Machine. Troubleshooting Your Installation. Installing ColdFusion on Linux. Uninstalling ColdFusion.

5. ColdFusion Markup Language and Variables.

Introduction to the ColdFusion Markup Language. How to Begin. Your First ColdFusion Template. Setting and Outputting Rules.

6. Passing Data Between Templates.

What Is Scope? Scopes Available to ColdFusion. The CGI Scope. Conclusion.

7. Expressions, Conditional Logic, and Flow Control.

What Are Expressions? What Is Conditional Logic? Flow Control. A Complete Site Flow Control Framework.

8. Functions and Complex Data Types.

What Are Functions? User-Defined Functions. Working with Lists. Arrays. Structures. Putting It to Work.

9. Designing a Relational Database.

Three-Tier Architecture. What Is a Database? The Relational Database. Normalization. A Database Creation Script for Microsoft SQL Server. Tips for Writing a Database and Planning Your Web-Based Application. Conclusion.

10. Working with Relational Databases.

Data Manipulation Language. Connecting to a Database. ColdFusion Datasources. Creating a Datasource in ColdFusion Administrator. ,CFQUERY. Inserting Records. Updating Records. Deleting Records. Joins. GROUP BY. HAVING. A Complete Search Engine Application. Conclusion.

11. A Note about the ColdFusion Administrator.

Server. Security. Tools.

12. Loops.

What Is a Loop? The Query Loop. The Conditional Loop. List Loops. Looping over Structures. ,CFFLUSH.

13. ColdFusion Scripting.

How Does CFScript Work? Conditional Processing. Looping. Another User-Defined Function. Conclusion.

14. The ColdFusion Application Framework.

Defining the Application Framework. Session Variables. Client Variables. Server Variables. Error Handling. Logging Site Information with ,CFLOG. Creating a Personalized Web Page.

15. Graphing with ColdFusion.

Making a Simple Graph. Horizontal and Bar Graphs. Pie Graphs. Line and Area Graphs. Speeding Load Time with ,CFSAVECONTENT. Using ,CFGRAPHDATA. A Complete Data Drill-Down Graph Application.

16. Sending and Receiving Email with ColdFusion.

Sending Email. Sending HTML Email. Conclusion.

17. File and Directory Management.


18. Writing Custom Tags.

Advantages of Custom Tags. Disadvantages of Custom Tags. Creating a Simple Custom Tag. Passing Values into and out of Custom Tags. Making a Banner Ad Custom Tag. How ColdFusion Finds Custom Tags. Nested Custom Tags. Encrypting Custom Tags. Conclusion.

19. XML and ColdFusion.

XML. WDDX Datatypes. Serializing and Deserializing Data. WDDX in Action. Conclusion.

20. Creating Intelligent Agents.

CFHTTP. The GET Method. The POST Method. What Do We Do Now?

21. A Complete E-Commerce Application.

Store. Shop. Images. Queries. Checkout. Admin. Conclusion.

Appendix A: ColdFusion 5 Tag Reference.
Appendix B: Coldfusion Function Reference.
Appendix C: Common Errors and What to Do about them.
Appendix D: Getting a Coldfusion Job.
Appendix E: Getting Certified in Coldfusion.
Appendix F: Best Practices.
Appendix G: Wireless Coldfusion with Wap and WML.
Appendix H: Coldfusion resources, User Groups, and Hosts.
Appendix I: SQL Function Reference.