Web Services: Building Blocks for Distributed Systems





Web Services illuminates the newest breakthrough in distributed computing, showing how to make your digital assets available anywhere -- simply and easily. You'll find expert, example-rich introductions to SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI, plus practical interoperability guidance -- including a complete "mini-project" integrating J2EE and .NET. CD-ROM contains GLUE, an intuitive, full-featured, 100% Java Web services platform that's free for most commercial uses.

Table of Contents

1. Web Services.

What is a Web Service? The Evolution of Software Services. SOAP. WSDL. UDDI. Web Services Adoption. Web Services in Action. Challenges. A Science Fiction Kind of Future?

2. Hands-On Web Services.

Your First Web Service. Sniffing SOAP. Browsing Web Services. Aggregation. Exchanging XML Documents.

3. Web Services Description Language (WSDL).

The Anatomy of WSDL. Browsing Third-Party Web Services. Consuming Third-Party Web Services. Modularizing WSDL.

4. Mapping Between Native Data Structures and XML.

Overview. Primitives. Arrays. User-Defined Types. Any Type. Object Graphs. User-Defined Mappings. Custom Types.

5. Security.

HTTPS. HTTP Basic Authentication. SOAP Security Extensions.

6. Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI).

Scenarios. Entities. The UDDI API. UDDI Registries. Inquiring. Publishing. The Future of UDDI.

7. J2EE Web Services.

Overview. Installing J2EE. Publishing J2EE Web Services. Consuming J2EE Web Services. Consuming Web Services from J2EE.

8. .NET Web Services.

Overview. Installing .NET. Publishing .NET Web Services. Consuming .NET Web Services. Consuming Web Services from .NET. Complex Data Types and .NET.

9. Multiplatform Interoperability.

Overview. The .NET Credit Check Service. The J2EE Shipping Service. The GLUE Purchasing Service. The GLUE Client. Using UDDI.

10. P2P and the Future of Web Services.

The Trend Toward Decentralization. Peer-to-Peer Computing. Peer-To-Peer Web Services. An Electric Mind. Promising Insights. Beyond P2P.


Installing GLUE and the Examples. Resources.