C: A Reference Manual, 5/e (美國原版)

Samuel P. Harbison, Guy L. Steele Jr.

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  • 出版日期: 2002-02-21
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  • ISBN-13: 9780130895929
  • 相關分類: C 程式語言
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This best-selling, authoritative reference manual provides a complete description of the C language, the run-time libraries, and a style of C programming that empha_sizes correctness, portability, and maintainability.



Describing the C language more clearly and in more detail than any other book, authors Samuel P. Harbison and Guy L. Steele Jr. provide in a single manual:

  • Standard C (1999) - the new revison of the C Standard supports complex and Boolean types, variable length arrays, precise floating-point programming, and new libraries for portability and internationalization.
  • Standard C (1989)- the version of C used by most of today's programmers.
  • Traditional C-common practice before 1990, with millions of lines of code in use every day.
  • C++ compatible C-code that can be used as C or C++.
  • The complete C run-time libraries for all C versions.

C: A Reference Manual is the only book that describes all the details of C-past and present. It is the single must-have reference for all C programmers and implementors.

Thoroughly revised and updated, the expanded Fifth Edition includes a complete description of the latest C Standard, ISO/IEC 9899:1999, with its powerful language extensions and new libraries.

New! Visit the Web site. www.CAReferenceManual.com contains source code for the longer examples in the book, expanded discussions on language issues, the latest ISO/IEC language corrigenda, and links to other C resources.

Table of Contents




1. Introduction.
2. Lexical Elements.
3. The C Preprocessor.
4. Declarations.
5. Types.
6. Conversions and Representations.
7. Expressions.
8. Statements.
9. Functions.



10. Introduction to the Libraries.
11. Standard Language Additions.
12. Character Processing.
13. String Processing.
14. Memory Functions.
15. Input/Output Facilities.
16. General Utilities.
17. Mathematical Functions.
18. Time and Date Functions.
19. Control Functions.
20. Locale.
21. Extended Integer Types.
22. Floating-point Environment.
23. Complex Arithmetic.
24. Wide and Multibyte Facilities
Appendix A. The ASCII Character Set.
Appendix B. Syntax of the C Language.
Appendix C. Answers to the Exercises.








比其他任何書籍更清晰、更詳細地描述C語言,作者Samuel P. Harbison和Guy L. Steele Jr.在一本手冊中提供了:

  • 標準C(1999年)- C標準的新修訂支持複雜和布爾類型、可變長數組、精確的浮點編程以及用於可移植性和國際化的新庫。

  • 標準C(1989年)- 大多數當今程序員使用的C版本。

  • 傳統C-1990年之前的常見做法,每天使用數百萬行代碼。

  • C++兼容的C代碼,可用作C或C++。

  • 所有C版本的完整C運行時庫。


經過全面修訂和更新,擴展的第五版包括對最新C標準ISO/IEC 9899:1999的完整描述,其中包括強大的語言擴展和新庫。




I. C語言。


1. 簡介。

2. 詞法元素。

3. C預處理器。

4. 声明。

5. 類型。

6. 轉換和表示。

7. 表達式。

8. 語句。

9. 函數。

II. C庫。


10. 库簡介。

11. 標準語言擴展。

12. 字符處理。

13. 字符串處理。

14. 內存函數。

15. 輸入/輸出設施。

16. 通用工具。

17. 數學函數。

18. 時間和日期函數。

19. 控制函數。

20. 地區設置。

21. 擴展整數類型。

22. 浮點環境。

23. 複數算術。

24. 寬字符和多字節設施

附錄A. ASCII字符集。

附錄B. C語言語法。

附錄C. 練習答案。