Reinforced Concrete: A Fundamental Approach, 5/e

Edward G Nawy




For one-semester, junior/senior-level and graduate courses in Reinforced Concrete in the department of civil engineering.

Now updated to reflect the latest ACI 318-05 Building Code, this cutting- edge text analyzes the design of reinforced concrete members through a unique and practical step-by-step trial and adjustment procedure. The narrative is supplemented with flow charts to guide students logically through the learning process. Ample photographs of instructional testing of concrete members decreases the need for actual laboratory testing.


Table of Contents

1. Introduction

 2. Concrete-Producing Materials

 3. Concrete

 4. Reinforced Concrete

 5. Flexure in Beams

 6. Shear and Diagonal Tension in Beams

 7. Torsion

 8. Serviceability of Beams and One-Way Slabs

 9. Combined Compression and Bending: Columns

10. Bond Development of Reinforcing Bars

11. Design of Two-Way Slabs and Plates

12. Footings

13. Continuous Reinforced Concrete Structures

14. Introduction to Prestressed Concrete

15. AASHTO LRFD Design of Concrete Bridge Structures

16. Seismic Design of Concrete Structures

Appendix A: Tables and Nomograms




這本最新更新以反映最新的ACI 318-05建築法規的書籍,針對土木工程系的大三/大四和研究生課程,分析了鋼筋混凝土結構成員的設計,並通過獨特而實用的逐步試驗和調整程序進行。敘述配有流程圖,以引導學生在學習過程中邏輯地前進。大量的鋼筋混凝土結構測試的照片減少了實際實驗室測試的需求。


1. 簡介
2. 生產混凝土的材料
3. 混凝土
4. 鋼筋混凝土
5. 梁的彎曲
6. 梁的剪力和斜拉張力
7. 扭轉
8. 梁和單向板的使用性能
9. 結合壓縮和彎曲:柱
10. 鋼筋的粘結發展
11. 雙向板和板的設計
12. 基礎
13. 連續鋼筋混凝土結構
14. 預應力混凝土簡介
15. AASHTO LRFD混凝土橋樑結構設計
16. 混凝土結構的地震設計