Concepts in Systems and Signals, 2/e (Paperback)

John D. Sherrick




For junior-level courses in Continuous-Time and Discrete-Time Systems and Signals, and Using MATLAB in Systems and Signals, in electrical, computer, and telecommunications engineering technology programs. Students must be comfortable with calculus.

This text provides a comprehensive review of the foundations of continuous-time systems, and introduces, with equal emphasis, the “new circuit theory” of discrete-time systems. It looks at the concepts and analysis tools associated with signal spectra—focusing on periodic signals and the Discrete Fourier Transform, and makes students aware of the capabilities of MATLAB. Topics include analysis techniques, frequency response, standard filters, spectral analysis, discrete-time signals and systems, IRR and FIR filter designs, and sampling strategies.


Table of Contents:

1. Numbers, Arithmetic, and Mathematics.

The Number System. Rectangular/Polar Conversions. Euler's Identity. Complex-Number Arithmetic. Functions of a Complex Variable. Indeterminate Values. Introduction to MATLAB.

2. Continuous-Time Systems.

System Equations. The Exponential Signal. Phasor Transformations. Transfer Functions. The Natural Response. MATLAB Lesson 2.

3. Analysis Techniques.

Driving Point Impedance. Circuit Analysis in the s Domain. Feedback Diagram Elements. Block Diagram Reduction. Stability Tests. MATLAB Lesson 3.

4. Frequency Response.

Resonant Systems: L-C Circuits. Nonresonant Systems: R-C Circuits. The Decibel (dB). General Systems: R-L-C Circuits. MATLAB Lesson 4.

5. Standard Filters.

Ideal Filters. Filter Prototypes. Denormalization. Filter Transformations. Prototype Circuit Development. MATLAB Lesson 5.

6. Spectral Analysis.

Fourier Series. Parseval's Theorem. The Fourier Transform. Windows. MATLAB Lesson 6. Properties of Signals.

7. Sampled Signals.

Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT). Sampled Sinewaves. Discrete-Time Fourier Transform (DTFT). MATLAB Lesson 7. Selected DFT Applications.

8. Discrete-Time Systems.

The z Domain. Normalized Frequency. The Difference Equation. The Transfer Function. Stability in the z Domain. MATLAB Lesson 8.

9. IIR Filter Design.

Bilinear Transformation. MATLAB Lesson 9. IIR Implementation.

10. FIR Filter Design.

FIR from IIR. Symmetric Difference Equations. Window Designs. Frequency Sampling. MATLAB Lesson 10.

11. Sampling Strategies.

Oversampling and Decimation. Reconstruction and Interpolation. Bandpass Sampling.

12. Laplace and Z Transform Techniques.

The Laplace Transform. Laplace Transform Applications. The z Transform. z Transform Applications. Impulse Variance. Introduction to Control Systems. MATLAB Lesson 11.

Appendix A: DSP Hardware.

Appendix B: MATLAB Index.

Appendix C: Answers to the Odd Numbered Problems.





1. 數字、算術和數學。
2. 連續時間系統。
3. 分析技術。
4. 頻率響應。
5. 標準濾波器。
6. 頻譜分析。
7. 取樣信號。
8. 離散時間系統。