Service-Oriented Architecture: Concepts, Technology, and Design(Hardcover)

Thomas Erl




"Service Oriented Architecture is a hot, but often misunderstood topic in IT today. Thomas articulately describes the concepts, specifications, and standards behind service orientation and Web Services. For enterprises adopting SOA, there is detailed advice for service-oriented analysis, planning, and design. This book is a must read!"

—Alex Lynch, Principal Consultant, Microsoft Enterprise Services

"One primary objective of applying SOA in design is to provide business value to the solutions we build. Understanding the right approach to analyzing, designing, and developing service-oriented solutions is critical. Thomas has done a great job of demystifying SOA in practical terms with his book."

—Rick Weaver, IBM Senior Consulting Certified SW I/T Specialist

"A pragmatic guide to SOA principles, strategy, and best practices that distills the hype into a general framework for approaching SOA adoption in complex enterprise environments."

—Sameer Tyagi, Senior Staff Engineer, Sun Microsystems

"A very timely and much needed contribution to a rapidly emerging field. Through clarifying the principles and nuances of this space, the author provides a comprehensive treatment of critical key aspects of SOA from analysis and planning to standards ranging from WS-specifications to BPEL. I'll be recommending this book to both clients and peers who are planning on embracing SOA principles."

—Ravi Palepu, Senior Field Architect, Rogue Wave Software

"Finally, an SOA book based on real implementation experience in production environments. Too many SOA books get lost in the technical details of Web Services standards, or simply repeat vendor hype. This book covers the really hard parts: the complex process of planning, designing and implementing service-oriented architectures that meet organizational goals. It is an essential companion to any software developer, architect, or project manager implementing—or thinking about implementing—a service-oriented architecture."

—Priscilla Walmsley, Managing Director of Datypic

"Thomas Erl's Service-Oriented Architecture: Concepts, Technology, and Design is as good an introduction to service-oriented architectures as one could wish for. In a single volume, it covers the entire topic, from theory to real-world use to technical details. The examples are superb and the writing is wonderfully clear."

—Ronald Bourret, Author, "XML and Databases"

"Finally an SOA book which gets to the point with real world answers and examples. Erl guides you on a real world SOA journey. From architecture design to industry standards, this book is well written and can be easily referenced for everyday use. When embarking on your own service orientated adventures, this is the book you want in your bag."

—Clark Sell, Vice President, CSell Incorporated

"Organizations struggling to evolve existing service-oriented solutions beyond simple Web Services now have an expert resource available. Leading the way to the true service-oriented enterprise, Thomas Erl demystifies the complexities of the open WS-I standards with detailed practical discussions and case studies. Erl's depth and clarity makes this work a superb complement to his Field Guide."

—Kevin P. Davis, PhD., Software Architect

"This book is an excellent guide for architects, developers, and managers who are already working with or are considering developing Web Services or Service-Oriented Architecture solutions. The book is divided into four sections. In the first section the fundamental technologies of XML, Web Services and Service-Oriented Architectures are described in detail with attention given to emerging standards. The book is well written and very thorough in its coverage of the subject. I recommend this book highly to anyone interested in enterprise level service architectures."

—Adam Hocek, President and CTO, Broadstrokes, Inc.

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The foremost "how-to" guide to SOA

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is at the heart of a revolutionary computing platform that is being adopted world-wide and has earned the support of every major software provider. In Service-Oriented Architecture: Concepts, Technology, and Design, Thomas Erl presents the first end-to-end tutorial that provides step-by-step instructions for modeling and designing service-oriented solutions from the ground up.

Erl uses more than 125 case study examples and over 300 diagrams to illuminate the most important facets of building SOA platforms: goals, obstacles, concepts, technologies, standards, delivery strategies, and processes for analysis and design.

His book's broad coverage includes

  • Detailed step-by-step processes for service-oriented analysis and service-oriented design

  • An in-depth exploration of service-orientation as a distinct design paradigm, including a comparison to object-orientation

  • A comprehensive study of SOA support in .NET and J2EE development and runtime platforms

  • Descriptions of over a dozen key Web services technologies and WS-* specifications, including explanations of how they interrelate and how they are positioned within SOA

  • The use of "In Plain English" sections, which describe complex concepts through non-technical analogies

  • Guidelines for service-oriented business modeling and the creation of specialized service abstraction layers

  • A study contrasting past architectures with SOA and reviewing current industry influences

  • Project planning and the comparison of different SOA delivery strategies

The goal of this book is to help you attain a solid understanding of what constitutes contemporary SOA along with step-by-step guidance for realizing its successful implementation.


Table of Contents:


 1. Introduction.

 2. Case Studies.


 3. Introducing SOA.

 4. The Evolution of SOA.

 5. Web Services and Primitive SOA.


 6. Web Services and Contemporary SOA (I: Activity Management and Composition).

 7. Web Services and Contemporary SOA (II: Advanced Messaging, Metadata, and Security).


 8. Principles of Service-Orientation.

 9. Service Layers.


10. SOA Delivery Strategies.

11. Service-Oriented Analysis (I: Introduction).

12. Service-Oriented Analysis (II: Service Modeling).


13. Service-Oriented Design (I: Introduction).

14. Service-Oriented Design (II: SOA Composition Guidelines).

15. Service-Oriented Design (III: Service Design).

16. Service-Oriented Design (IV: Business Process Design).

17. Fundamental WS-* Extensions.

18. SOA Platforms.

Appendix A: Case Studies: Conclusion.

Appendix B: Service Models Reference.

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描述:服務導向架構(Service Oriented Architecture,SOA)是當今IT領域中一個熱門但常常被誤解的話題。Thomas清楚地描述了服務導向和Web服務背後的概念、規範和標準。對於採用SOA的企業,書中提供了關於服務導向分析、規劃和設計的詳細建議。這本書是必讀之作!

- Alex Lynch,微軟企業服務首席顧問


- Rick Weaver,IBM高級顧問認證軟體I/T專家


- Sameer Tyagi,Sun Microsystems高級工程師


- Ravi Palepu,Rogue Wave Software高級現場架構師


- Priscilla Walmsley,Datypic董事總經理

Thomas Erl的《服務導向架構:概念、技術和設計》是一本很好的服務導向架構入門書。在一本書中,它涵蓋了整個主題,從理論到實際應用再到技術細節。例子很出色,寫作非常清晰。

- Ronald Bourret,作者,《XML和數據庫》


- Clark Sell,CSell Incorporated副總裁